Review: Silkydog shampoo

* This is a personal review.

In early July, I placed an order for Silkydog Shampoo. Read about it on Singapore Schnauzer Club page on Facebook and decided to give it a try because Moon was getting brown stains under her beard.


I’m not sure why or how these stains appeared but they’re apparently pretty common. She also loved to rub her face against the sofa, bed, etc and I used to think that it was just a bad habit. As it turns out, she was tearing excessively and the dried-up tears were probably causing discomfort. Accordingly, irritants in other dog shampoo causes itchiness and hence tearing of the eyes, scratching and licking (quoted from here).

There was a bit of a hiccup when it came to the delivery of the shampoo. That annoyed me for a bit because I had to chase the seller a couple of times. They probably need to fine-tune their shipping process and perhaps be a bit more polite/service-oriented in their dealings with customers. I know that it is not easy when one uses a 3rd party supplier to deliver the products but this is a situation that the seller has to sort out and not get upset with the customer.


After using the shampoo once a week for slightly over a month, I have noticed that she is rubbing her eyes a lot lesser. The most obvious sign was how she was also tearing a lot lesser. I used to have to wipe her eyes with a dry piece of tissue a couple of times a day because she was tearing/itching so much. You can read more about it here.

I have to add that this shampoo is quite different from the commercial ones, i.e. it doesn’t lather up. This means that I end up pouring a lot of shampoo onto Moon’s fur because I can’t see any “soap”! This also means that one bottle of shampoo is not going to last for very long. I guess this is because no harmful foaming agent is added into the formula. On the other hand, we no longer need to use any conditioner on her so I guess it all evens out.

Unfortunately, the brown stains under her mouth seem to be getting worst instead of better. Shall monitor it and see how it goes. Flannel’s new owners are using a new soap for him and have offered to let us sample from their chunk. It is cheaper than using Silkydog shampoo, I’d say!

If you’re a dog owner, what shampoo do you use?


11 thoughts on “Review: Silkydog shampoo

  1. Lavender essential oil in distilled water. Spritz on the face. Doesn’t rid of stains but keeps new hair that grows out from being stained. It’s safe to use long term, mild enough to be refreshing to the eyes and not sting, and beneficial to health! =)

          1. Certainly! With babies though, I suggest doing one spritz on his pillow or better yet, on yourself (or whoever’s carrying him). Hopefully it helps with the exciting roulette of a nap thing. Lol!

  2. I have got a maltese and has such a problem when his fur is not dry at all times. Meaning, i need to dry his fur around his mouth after he drinks and dry his fur at the paws after cleaning him from walks. Also, I will only give him water that was boiled before. If tap water is given, the fur turns brown. I find that shampoo doesn’t help him. Hope this helps moon!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Jo! Shall try the boiled water method. Moon’s beard was ok previously even with tap water so not sure what happened along the way…!

  3. I uses neem oil based shampoo on my dog under a recommendation from another fellow dog owner. Mainly that similar to Silky, it doesn’t have those harmful ingredients, and neem oil are said to be able to prevent ticks. Have used for around three to four times, and loving it more. My dog’s fur was softer and the coat seems thicker now too. He doesn’t have eye stain nor brown stain to begin with, so cannot review on that. Hopefully Moon can find a suitable shampoo that works for her! 😄

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