Car seat shopping

We were lucky that a dear friend lent us her Maxi Cosi CabrioFix when E came along. We were then driving a 2-door car and honestly, not many car seats can fit into the back comfortably. I guess the CabrioFix is one of the more popular choices for infants as I see many new parents using it. Here’s an early picture of E in it. He was soooooo tiny!


He still needed an infant insert then just so he could feel snug and comfortable. This was his typical quizzical expression then. Always staring at things with furrowed eyebrows.


It was useful because we could easily remove it from the car and use it for his naps. This was taken at Happenstance Cafe when we celebrated Moon’s birthday and he passed out cold.


Now that he’s 5 months old and getting heavier, the car seat is getting a tad small for him. Also, he tend to yell when he’s in it for a while despite the aircon set on high and at 22 degrees. We noticed that his back would get damp from perspiration and once he’s lifted out of the car seat, he’d stop screaming. I also noted that he kept trying to “sit” upright whenever he was in so I guessed that he preferred sitting instead of lying.

Also, we now have a 4-door car. No more bending in and out to get into the backseat (my poor back!). This means that the car can now fit a larger car seat that can last till he’s older.

It was time to shop for a new car seat.

Spoke to a couple of girlfriends and a couple of names were thrown up – Britax, Joie, Maxi Cosi. I had a few considerations:

  • Made of comfortable, breathable material for my sweaty baby.
  • Keep baby safe in a car crash – VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Can be rear and forward facing.
  • Option to in a sitting or lying position.
  • High enough such that E can look out of the window.
  • Not ridiculous huge that it takes up too much space in the back seat.
  • Able to last till about 4 years old.

After researching online, we headed to Baby Kingdom. They carry Britax and Joie, as well as Combi. The young salesguy suggested Combi for its lightweight material but it felt really light and flimsy. I wasn’t quite confident that it would remain intact in the event of an accident. We then asked to try E in the Britax First Class Plus.


He looked quite happy in it and even decided to chew on one of the protective pads. Pffft. The material looks pretty comfortable as well and importantly, it fitted all the requirements. Also, it came strongly recommended by a girlfriend who did thorough research.

The original price is $468 but it was going for $333. Also, they were able to install it directly into the car for us, saving us the stress of trying to figure it out.

It was decided – We got the Britax First Class Plus.

The sales guy took about 10 minutes to fix up the car seat and compared to the Maxi Cosi, it looked HUGE and HIGH. Once they were done, I placed E into it and off we went.

In less than 30 seconds, this happened.


I was completely thrown. My baby fell asleep in his car seat?! Just like that? With NO FUSS? Oh wow. I kept staring at him and wondered HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT HAPPEN? I am guessing that it was a fluke and that he was already feeling tired. But still! Falling asleep almost instantaneously was amazing.

He stayed asleep for about 20 minutes which was just the amount of time we needed to pick up Moon from the groomer’s before heading home. Despite Moon being excited and me slamming the car door, he slept right through.

When he finally awoke, this face greeted me.




A smiling baby!  He continued to smile sweetly at me, as if saying “I like this very much, Mummy!”. Was it the new car seat? Or was it simply a really wonderful cat nap? Or perhaps he was just really tired and could have fallen asleep anywhere anyway?

I guess we’d only know as we continue to use the car seat. Wish us luck!


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