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Of colours and the toilet bowl

I remember when we were setting up our very first home and we had to select colours and materials. I remember finding it funny that white isn’t simply white. There were many types of ‘white’. Ha. We had to pick out the colours of our new home and this time round, it was to decide on the correct shade of brown.


Apparently, the really dark piece at the top is brown. So is the one at the bottom. I would have thought that the top ones were black, no? This colour choosing thing is rather mind-boggling but we trust the ID we have chosen to work with and they have (thankfully) done the narrowing down of colours for us. I cannot imagine having to select from 10 different shades of brown.

The boy was also selecting a piece of travertine for the living room. I had no idea what it was until recently. I must say that the ‘holes’ in this piece gave me goosebumps. And would ants decide to make one of these holes their home?


This little piece of wood is a miniature mock-up of the master bedroom. I found it cute that they actually created a mini version just to show us how it will look and feel. Very helpful to me because I am really bad at trying to visualise a drawing, even in 3D!


We had to also choose the solid surface for the kitchen. We jokingly pointed to the red and bright orange one. Hur hur.


Last but definitely not the least – and possibly quite important, we had to select the toilet bowl…from a catalogue. I told our ID that I cannot make such an important decision based on pictures. I need to go “sit” on the real thing! Besides, don’t they all look the same to you?! They sure did to me!


Looking forward to seeing our next home take shape 🙂


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