renoreno v2


After the last meeting with the ID, we finally signed on the dotted line to get the renovations going. We also had to hurry up a little to get things going because 27th July is the first day of the lunar 7th month and according to superstitions, one should not start renovations during that period. Or something like that. Once we got the paperwork out of the way, the contractors moved in on the 25th July to kick start the renovations. Just to signify that “work has started”. (We are not superstitious but the older folks are so we just went along).

We popped in to have a look over the weekend and am glad to see that things are moving along. Woot woot!



As you can see, there’d be major works done to the master room’s bathroom so I’m looking forward to seeing the transformation. We were agonising over whether or not to keep the long bath because I think that E would enjoy baths and playing in it but I also realised that in reality, how often will we run long baths? Also, I have a phobia of entering and exiting the bathtub. I have this fear that I’d slip and crack my head open. The long bath will go and instead, we’d just a standing shower stall. I guess sitting in a bathtub will be a holiday treat when he’s older.


The OCD in me also luuuuurve that the floorboards (to protect the current flooring) are nicely taped in neat, straight lines. It makes me happy 🙂 Did that just scare some of you? Hur hur. I’m the sort that cannot handle paintings on the wall that are slanted. If I spot posters that are stuck in a non-straight manner, I need to fix it.

Renovations will take about 2 months and I’m hoping very hard that it can be completed before I head back to work. Otherwise, it’d be new routines for me and E, as well as trying to settle into a new home. I cannot wait for 2015 to be a year of constant since 2014 has been a year of major life changes!


3 thoughts on “开工!

  1. My mum is in the ID line, that’s what she said about no works during the lunar 7th month too! Home reno is so exciting and yet so stressful!!

  2. Congrats on ur beginning of reno works! I got rid of the long bath as well. I think a bigger and more spacious rain shower area is more practical for daily use.

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