note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 05

Dear Elliott,

I look back at your pictures and cannot believe that just 20 weeks ago, you were so very tiny. This note to you will be a rather long one so bear with me. There are just so many things that you have learnt this past month and I want to document it all down so that we never forget it.

You discovered your hands at 16 weeks and now, they’re tastier than ever. Just last Friday, you left a huge wet patch on Por Por’s blouse because you decided to suck on your fist and her blouse at the same time. You have also started to drool a lot more (are you teething?!) and I find myself whipping out your wash cloth ever so often to catch your falling drool. You also enjoy putting your toys into your mouth and you particularly like your chilled “broccoli” and the Lamaze ‘Tug and Play’ Activity Knot.


I have also discovered that you are a ticklish one. You giggle really hard whenever I tickle the sides of your torso and your inner thighs. Oh my child, your giggles crack me up so and I always end up laughing along with you. No wonder they say that a baby’s laughter is one of the world’s most beautiful noises. You also chuckle whenever you find something funny, like the weird sounds that I make to make you giggle. Just the other night, you refused to sleep despite it being rather late. Instead, you discovered that playing “Peekaboo!” (your current favourite game) with your parents were the funniest thing EVAR.

We took you to the PD earlier this month for your second booster vaccination. You now tip the scales at 8kg and in the words of your lovely PD, you’re ‘growing beautifully’. I was worried that you’d come down with a fever again (like the first time you had your vaccination) but thankfully, the fever stayed away. Well done, my little man!


All the baby books say that you should be practising “tummy time” but you would have none of it. Whenever we try and engage you in tummy time play, you’d stay in the position for all of 10 seconds before voicing your displeasure (loudly). You can now lift your head steadily and can also keep your gaze on your favourite people when they walk out of the room.

Even though you hate tummy time, you rather enjoy ‘standing’! Oh my. You love to grab our fingers and pull yourself up into a standing position, then bounce around like a drunk little person. It’s really funny to watch. You’d have to learn how to flip over and sit upright before you stand, young one!

And since you enjoy standing and quite enjoyed the exersaucer, you now have the Jumperoo to bounce around in. We now have a routine going in the mornings where you wake up at about 9am where you’d be in a really good mood (why are you a morning person?!). We’d play for a bit before I put you in the Jumperoo for a bit of ‘exercise’ before you get a bath. I love how you give me a cheeky grin whenever I place you into the Jumperoo, as if to say “I like this, Mummy!”. Well, you usually like it for all of 15 minutes. 25 minutes, if I’m very lucky. Once you’re done bouncing, it’s off to your next favourite activity – showertime. This photo is a little blurry but it captures your little grin and crinkly eyes that melt my heart so.


On the physical front, you are now starting to shed your newborn hair. Every morning, I would find bits of your fine baby hair on the mattress where your little head laid. I guess this is part and parcel of growing up and fingers crossed, your new hair will grow out soon enough. You no longer suffer from acid reflux (big PHEW!) but in its place, you give off seriously smelly farts. Oh my child! I am not sure how something as tiny as you is able to give off farts -that- foul-smelling! You no longer get frustrated with the inability to fart (previously, you used to scream and cry because of stubborn gas) and I like to think that along with your maturing digestive system, the daily probiotics drops  that you take are helping.

In the last two weeks or so, you have also decided that you only want Mummy. You have started to refuse milk from the bottle (by pushing it away with your tiny hands) and only wants me to nurse you. Sometimes, you also insist that I am the one to pat you to sleep where previously, you were happy for Por Por to do so.

I am also the only one that can elicit a big smile from you by simply calling your name and your eyes are constantly trained on me and me alone. I am sure it is only a phase and you will outgrow this soon enough so for now, I shall relish in the fact that I am the centre of your (small) Universe. Like I always quip to your Daddy: Will you still adore me when you’re 18?

We are so very loved, my child. Your doting Por Por bought you a new stroller the other day just so that I don’t need to cart you around in the baby carrier whenever I head out on my own with you. You are getting too heavy for my poor back! Your Ah Gong and Ah Ma also love you to bits and whenever we have our weekly dinners together, they are busy cooing and fussing over you.


You have brought unspeakable joy to our lives and I feel privileged to be able to witness your growth every single day. It makes me a little sad that in about 2 months, I will be heading back to work which means that we no longer can laze around in bed in the mornings. I guess knowing that you’d be in the good and capable hands of your Ah Ma and Por Por is assuring.

I love you so much, my sweetie pie, and look forward to more adventures with you as we explore the world together. HAPPY 5 MONTHS!

photo 1-001


Lots of love,
Mummy xoxo




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