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Checking out the Sports Hub


We headed to our new home over the weekend to collect our mail and since we were in the vicinity, the boy suggested that we check out the new Singapore Sports Hub. I was a tad concerned that as with all spanking new malls, it’d be crazy crowded. Surprisingly, the crowd was very manageable. Then again, it was only about 4.30pm so I guess the crowds would only descend upon the place at dinner time (which was exactly what happened!).

The shopping bit is called Kallang Wave Mall. Some of the shops open are F&B outlets, H&M (a rather huge one!), Uniqlo and Fairprice Xtra. H&M has an entire section dedicated to sports wear! Oh and parents do note: They have a small kids selection. No babies’ wear. The one with a nice babies selection is at the Suntec outlet.

As expected, a couple of the stores are sports-themed. Check out the “race track” at Fairprice Xtra. The boy couldn’t resist posing with the little man. Ha.


What caught our attention were these huge rock-climbing walls. Crowds were watching the climbers and we also stopped for a bit to kay poh. Managed by Climb Central, this is apparently the tallest indoor sport climbing venue in Singapore. Some of the wall surfaces were pretty darn close to the railings! I quipped to the boy that a tall climber can arch backwards and touch the hand of someone leaning out of the railings.


I tried my hand at a rock-climbing course many moons ago and I must say that it is such a tiring sport! Every muscle in my body was aching after that full-day session but it felt really good to s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Might head back one day to try it out.

We decided to bravely venture outdoors to check out the rest of the place. I must say that the wide open space is rather lovely! I just wished that it wasn’t so darn humid. Pffffft. Thankfully, it was a rather windy and cloudy day so it wasn’t too bad.

IMG_6785-001 IMG_6803-001

Someone wasn’t too keen on a family selfie, as you can clearly see. I guess the heat got to him. Hehe. He also had shoes on but I gave up and removed them when he kept kicking them off.



And yes, I chopped off my hair. I’d be writing all about it on Bubsicles soon because yes, the haircut’s gotta do with post-partum hair loss. Boo.

It wasn’t too crowded and it was lovely to see people milling about and simply enjoying the free public space. I am pretty sure that it will get crowded in the upcoming weekends as more people discovered the place.

We very wisely decided that we should grab an early dinner and headed to Basil Thai Kitchen. Love the minimalistic decor and the crazy strong aircon. In fact, it was so lovely, the little man fell asleep and we could actually enjoy our dinner properly with both hands. HOORAY!


The restaurant is obviously very new because we noted that service was extremely attentive. We also spotted the Thai owners (presumably, because they were speaking in Thai and quickly waved to a server to attend to us when I raised my hand for some service) doing some paperwork at the table beside us.

The boy ordered the basil minced chicken with rice, while I had the sweet and sour fish with rice. His dish was deceptively spicy! I am guessing that the chef helming the kitchen is from Thailand so if you love your Thai food authentic and mind-numblingly spicy, try the basil minced chicken. The boy shared that the tummy was still burning a couple of hours later. Ha!

My sweet and sour fish dish was lovely – fish was crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. I also ordered a Thai iced milk tea which was supremely sweet. Again, I am guessing that their dishes are not tweaked for local tastes yet so if you like your milk tea crazy sweet, you’d enjoy their Thai iced milk tea. It wasn’t bad though – just a tad too sweet for my tastebuds.



It was a glorious evening and I am looking forward to taking family walks (with Moon as well!) in the future once we settle into our new home.

Oh and the crowd I was talking about? Lots of people descended upon the place at about 6-7pm and there were long queues at the various F&B outlets that were open. I guess everyone had plans to grab dinner, then catch the National Day preview fireworks at 8pm-ish. Glad that we were just leaving when the crowds came!



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