Sealy Dog Bed

Mum decided about a week ago that Domo needs a new bed. He has been sleeping on his current one since he came home with us about 7 years ago so she decided that it’s high time for a change. I helped her look around the dog beds available for sale in Singapore but they didn’t meet her requirements. I then looked on Amazon and found out that they sell orthopedic beds for older dogs as they are supposed to be good for weak joints. Domo has had a couple of incidents where he hurt his joints from running too quickly up the stairs so mum decided that she will get him an orthopedic bed.

We came across a Sealy dog bed with “Quad Layer Technology”. Phwah. I wasn’t aware that big brand mattress makers make dog beds too! After checking on the measurements, I helped mum to place an order for the Medium in Autumn Brown.

They don’t ship to Singapore (free shipping within US though) so we made use of vPost. I was a little hesitant because I have heard loads of bad things about vPost, i.e. non-delivery, packages getting lost/misplaced, etc. I was keeping my fingers crossed that the bed will arrive safely in one piece. I have to also add that shipping that giant bed to Singapore cost almost the same as the bed but I could see why when it arrived. The bed is really heavy!

Here’s the shipment timeline:

  • 7 July – Placed an order on Amazon.
  • 9 July – Package shipped out.
  • 11 July – Received email from vPost that the package has arrived at their US warehouse.
  • 12 July – vPost advised via email that package has left US warehouse and is on the way to Singapore.
  • 17 July – Email note to say that package has arrived in Singapore. It arrives at our home on the same day.

It’s always exciting to see a huge box sitting in the living room, even though it’s not for me. Hur hur. I am amazed how a huge bed can fit into a box!



As it turns out, the instructions state that we need to let the bed “sit out” for an hour or two so that it can “flatten out” properly. Here’s Domo and his doting owner telling him all about his new dog bed (“Mummy bought a new bed for you…!”)


I tried reading the instructions on how to place the washable cover over it but ditched the instructions eventually. It was making me more confused. Pffft. Once the bed was set up, Moon was the first to climb into it and made herself very comfortable. Ha!


Soon after, Domo tried it out as well.


The bed turned out to be so large, it can fit both pooches on it comfortably. It was funny to watch how they both squashed beside each other when there was so much space! Sillies…


They eventually found a comfortable spot each and settled down.


I must say that the bed is pretty impressive. It’s really firm (not hard) which I guess is the whole point of an orthopedic bed. The raised area also allows the dogs to prop their heads up. That was something my mum insisted on, having a raised bit so that “Domo can rest his head”.

Domo is a very lucky pooch. I am pretty sure there are many humans out there who do not even have a decent mattress to sleep on, let alone a branded one.


4 thoughts on “Sealy Dog Bed

  1. Your mom is too cute! Reading this warms my heart. Totally can’t fathom why some people can be so cruel to animals. If all of us could just be nice and civil to the cuties, that would be so wonderful.

    1. She is! Her life revolves around Domo (comes home early just so that he isn’t alone at home…!!) Sadly, many who own dogs don’t even treat their own dogs well. It’s sad la.

    1. Hi Stella! I’d love to let you know but to be honest, it’s been too long ago so we can’t remember! It wasn’t cheap though, that’s as much as I can remember. Sorry!

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