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Of tulle and a handmade necklace

I’m a boring dresser. I’m not one to take #ootd (outfit of the day) shots because if I did, you’d just keep seeing the same boring clothes, shoes and bags that I carry regularly. I wish I was more adventurous when it comes to dressing up though. I guess being a nursing mum also limits the type of clothes that I can wear. These days, I’m either in a nursing camisole or a v-neck top/dress so that I can nurse easily on the go.

Can I just add that these nursing camisoles from Target (Australia) are wonderful? They look just like a “normal” spaghetti top but they’re awesome for nursing. I got a friend to hand carry these back for me but I also found out that Spring Maternity carries them as well and best of all, in a variety of colours and designs!

A couple of months back, I placed an order for a tulle skirt from this online store. It took almost 2 months (!) but the tulle skirt in grey that I ordered finally arrived. I finally plucked up the courage and wore it out to dinner last evening, paired with a white nursing camisole and a nursing necklace that I got from Etsy.


This is how the actual necklace looks like in its entirety – photo taken from the seller’s page on Etsy.


I love the necklace because it is colourful and the felt coloured balls provided E with something to look at while breastfeeding. He loves tugging at it which is great because it stops him from twisting his ears (!). Not sure why he does that but at least he has something else to hold onto now instead of his own ear.

The tulle skirt made me feel very pretty but it is not exactly “mummy-friendly”. I had to stoop down to adjust E in his stroller and almost got the skirt entangled in the front wheels. Pfffft. I guess I’d have to wear it on a special date occasion when he’s not with me.


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