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Moon and Flannel = 7 years old!

We celebrated Moon’s birthday with family a day earlier than her actual birthday. On 7.7.14, she had another birthday celebration with her brother, Flannel! A bit of background: Flannel was previously known as Sky. You can read his story here. After that horrible episode, we thought that he found his forever home in November 2013. As it turns out, that 3rd owner of his returned him to the shop shortly after, complaining that he “whines and barks a lot”. Well. Having been to 3 homes, I am not entirely surprised that Sky would have certain emotional issues that needs a patient and kind owner to sort out!

To cut a long story short, Sky was finally adopted – for the 4th time (!) – by a lovely young couple named G and D. They also decided to rename him “Flannel” (they’re in the clothing business) because – according to them – to change one’s name is to change one’s Fate. That’s how Sky is now known as Flannel.


G & D kindly invited us, as well as a couple of other friends with dogs, to their home on the siblings’ birthday to have a little celebration. There were loads to eat for both humans and furries!




It also looked like a (mini) Mini Schnauzer gathering because there were 5 schnauzers and 1 (token) Jack Russell. Ha. Check out these customised pupcakes in the likeness of Moon and Flannel from The Barkery. Can you tell who is who? Too darn cute!


IMG_5977 IMG_5979

Moon stuck close to me throughout the session, as she always does when she’s at a foreign place. She was also really excited by the different kinds of cakes available to her that day. I am sure she realised it was a special day because she had so much to eat!


It was pretty chaotic with so many dogs running around the house. Imagine the mayhem that ensured when we tried to take a group photo of the dogs. PURE INSANITY. This group picture of all the mini schnauzers made the cut after I snapped like 12,572 shots. From L to R: Moon, Kuala, Flannel (who kept his party hat on throughout – well done!), Sniper and Hana.



After the crazy photo taking session, it was time to eat cake! First up: The birthday siblings get to eat their own pupcake. Heh.


It was gone in 60 30 seconds. Every dog then had a slice (or 3) of the huge birthday meat cake. Check out Moon’s “I cannot believe this!!” face. You can also see me trying to put on her birthday hat for her. It lasted all of 3 minutes. She hates having stuff on her and would try and shake/paw her way to getting them off. Pfffft. The bottom-right picture shows Hana (left) and Moon. They look pretty alike but now that Moon has a top-knot, the similarity is not clear. At one point, they looked like sisters!


This was also the first time that Moon has received presents (other than from us!) for her birthday. How lovely!



Of course, Flannel also received his share of presents. We made our own pork leg ligaments (猪脚胫) and gave it to him as a gift. That’s the one in the middle of the picture with a brown ribbon around it. Moon loves it so I’m pretty Flannel would to! They make great teeth cleaners and is all natural!


It was a most wonderful way to spend a Monday afternoon and we are so so pleased that Flannel has (FINALLY!) found his forever home. He is doted on by his current owners who take him for exercise, train him and importantly, shower him with lots of tender loving care. This boy has gone through too much and it is heartening to see that he has finally found a home that he deserves. WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR YOU, FLANNEL!




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