Rent a toy!

I realise that many have not heard of toy rental companies in Singapore. I first heard about it a couple of years back but with no children of our own, we had no need for their services. Now that E’s neck has firmed up and he has a knack for wanting to “stand”, I decided to check out toy rental services to rent one of those “activity centres” for him to play on. These toys are massive and take up quite a bit of space in the house. As we all know, kids grow out of their toys or get bored of them really quickly. Also, I did a quick check – one such ‘exersaucer’ (that’s what it’s called) can cost more than $200. Gulp. That’s quite a lot of money to pay for a toy that a child will grow out of pretty quickly. Also, there’s no guarantee that he will like it.

Chatted with a couple of girlfriends and G recommended Toy Rental World. She rented a similar toy from them and shared that they came with free delivery and set-up (above $40) and most importantly, they were clean. That was my fear – that “used toys” would be filled with germs from previous users. And we also all know how babies love to put things into their mouths, right? Eeeeew.

Anyhoo, I contacted them and told them of my requirements. The sales guy was helpful and eventually, we settled on renting the Triple Fun Jumper from Evenflo. To qualify for the free delivery, I chose to rent it for 2 and a half weeks (just so we hit the $40 mark).


On the stated day and time slot (3-6pm), the toy was delivered as promised. The exercsaucer was cling-wrapped and “flat” packed. It looked clean and sanitised which is great. The uncle deliveryman also set it up, ready for play.

At first use, E wasn’t quite sure what to do. He did enjoy “standing” in it though which was great. It is tiring supporting him with our arms whenever he wants to “stand” so I’m glad we have the Exersaucer to do the work.

I placed him in it just before his bath time (he’s always in his jammies!) so that he can bounce around in it. Over a couple of days’ use, he grins whenever he is placed in it and it is a joy to watch him “bounce” around. He has also learnt that he can turn 360 degrees in the seat. A couple of toys around it emit songs and noises when pressed so that keeps him entertained as well. See that green lizard thingy on the right of the photo? It lights up and a voice says “Blue!” or “Yellow!”, followed by a song about the colours whenever you touch it. That song is now a song worm in my head.


Most importantly, this contraption allows frenzied parents to have some down time from caring for baby. I always cast a watchful eye on him when he’s in it, of course, but whenever he plays in it, I have a bit of time to brush my teeth, brush my hair, put it into a ponytail, change out of my jammies, use the toilet….you get the picture. Usually, he’d only last about 10-15 minutes on it before he starts to yell but hey, that’s better than nothing!

I love the fact that I can choose to extend it if I wish – assuming he’s still interested in it 2 and a half weeks later, or I can simply arranged for it to be collected for return. Woots!

Very pleased with toy renting and I foresee us renting more of such “huge” toys in future. I’m all about keeping my home uncluttered. I hope I don’t need to eat my words one day…


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