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Moon is 7!


For Moon’s birthday this year, I decided that we’d head back to Happenstance Cafe for a little celebration with family. I got a little emotional thinking that last year this time, we celebrated her 6th birthday at Sun Ray Cafe and I was quietly pregnant with E then. We were still in the first trimester so not many people knew that we were expecting a little one. This time round, our family photo has all 4 of us 🙂



And now:


Of course, E was too young to know what was going. I was so very glad that my mum was on hand to help with him. Managing dogs and a 4-month old baby and trying to take photos is bloody exhausting! His doting Yiyi was also on hand to keep him entertained.

140705 - Moon BD at HappenStance3

140705 - Moon BD at HappenStance4

140705 - Moon BD at HappenStance2

The only furry friends invited to Moon’s party were Domo (of course) and Toto, the sister’s fiance’s dog. I’m sure that suited Moon just fine – more cake for her!

140705 - Moon BD at HappenStance

140705 - Moon BD at HappenStance1

The humans ordered lunch while the dogs went about sniffing each other’s butts. I’m glad to report that the food is just as good as the last time we were here. I had the Cottage Pie (bottom left) which looked small but was deceivingly filling! The Buffalo Wings (which I did not touch, sadly) were apparently a tad spicy, according to the boy who had some.

140705 - Moon BD at HappenStance6

This time round, we did not manage to sing Moon a birthday song because there was too much mayhem. In fact, it proved too much for E that he fell asleep on his own (a rarity!!). Even Toto decided that he’d just lie down and catch a breather. Hehe. And for the record, that’s E’s 4th finger, not his 3rd, ok??

140705 - Moon BD at HappenStance7

I absolutely love the customised cake from The Barkery, complete with birthday sign and balloon toppers. We have always ordered her cake from The Barkery because they’re run by a lovely mother-and-daughter team who are ever willing to go the extra mile. Also, and more importantly, their all-natural cakes are not exorbitantly priced. I will never forget how they produced a cake magically when I called them at the last minute asking for a birthday cake for Moon because silly me completely forgot about her birthday.


Oh and did you notice Moon’s birthday hat? It was also customised for her from The Lil’ Rascals – M for Moon! We’d be celebrating her birthday (again!) with her brother, Flannel (previously named Sky) on Monday so watch this space for more adorable pictures.

140705 - Moon BD at HappenStance5

140705 - Moon BD at HappenStance9

To be very honest, I made a mistake when ordering her cake. I kept thinking that I’m getting the 450gram cake which is taller than the one you see in the picture. I guess the good thing is, the cake was polished off easily by the 3 dogs so we did not have to pack any home. Less work!


We tried to get a picture of all 3 dogs together with the birthday cake but maaaan, it was too hard! In the end, we gave up and just let them have cake. This is the only photo I have of the 3 furries. Yes, of their behinds.


Happy birthday Miss Moon! We love you very much!



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