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miss ene eats: Kaya loti and teh-c

Like many of my generation, I miss eating traditional bread. I’m talking about the soft and fluffy type of white bread that we used to eat with kaya and butter accompanied with soft boiled eggs at the kopitiam. These days, most kopitiams use factory-made bread slathered with kaya and butter which just doesn’t quite make the cut.

As we will be celebrating Moon’s birthday this coming weekend, I decided to drop her off at the groomer’s for a basic grooming session. A stone’s throw away is this cafe called Jie Traditional Bread Cafe. They even have their own Facebook page!


Oh, how I adore the rows and rows of traditional bread loaves! I ordered an entire loaf with kaya and butter, along with a cup of teh-c.

I noticed that they also sold different types of bread but hesitated to buy more because of this surly lady. I was wondering if she was overworked because she was pretty curt. Funny though, I was the only customer at that time. Check out the various types of spread that one can purchase to replicate the experience at home.


The bread was indeed soft and fluffy but one complaint though – the “butter” used tasted like Planta margarine which essentially is made up of palm oil and was pretty bleah. I told the boy that next time, we’d just buy the bread and kaya, and use our own real butter on it. That should be pretty shiok. I also spied chicken curry on the menu served with the fluffy white bread. Gotta head back to try it sometime.

Jie Traditional Bread Cafe
953 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534715

Opening hours: 4-11pm




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