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Out on a date

Yesterday, I headed out with Elliott on my own to meet up with my gf, WT. Of course, with a baby, this usually happens just when he’s all dressed and ready to go.


As we all know, one simply does not wake a sleeping baby so I let him nap for a bit before he woke up on his own about 30 minutes later. Strapped him into the baby carrier and off we went. My mum dropped us at the MRT station and just before she drove off, she quipped: You’re very brave.



We took the MRT to Orchard station and met up with WT. Headed to Takashimaya’s Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant for dim sum and amazingly, this boy was very well behaved! In fact, he was smiling and chuckling. The rarity!


We took turns to eat – as you do when you have a baby and I even changed his diaper at the booth seat. Halfway through lunch, he decided that he wants to nurse so I nursed him using my left arm while eating with my right. Achievement unlocked, yo!

At the end of our meal, he started to fuss and we quickly got out of the restaurant. I knew that it was time for his nap and true enough, by the time we reached Mothercare at Paragon, this happened:


Hip hip hooray!

He slept for the entire duration that we spent shopping at Mothercare which was perfect. PSA: Mothercare is having an ‘up to 70% off’ sale which is pretty awesome. Had to pick up some new jammies for the boy because he is fast outgrowing the 1-3 month ones! Also got a Aden+Anais sleeping bag for $24.90 (from $49.90!). Woot woot!

I have also realised that when one becomes a mother, you learn how to carry a lot of stuff at one time. See photo evidence below – baby in front, diaper bag on the right, shopping bag on the left.


Picked up quite a bit of stuff and when we were almost done, the little stirred. Perfect timing! My shoulders were also achy and I decided that it was time to head home. Called for a cab (queue was too long!) and we were soon on our way.


There’s something I don’t get: He was all smiley and happy with WT but when I snapped this selfie with him, he gives me this face. Pfffft.


Another successful outing! This was the second time that I took him out on my own (without the husband or my mum). I have to say that for each of these outings, I’d have to spend the following day resting my poor back and shoulders. It is rather tiring carting this little fella around! Maybe it’s time to book myself a spa and massage session…


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