note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 04

Dear Elliott,

23 June 2014.

Today is a special day. Exactly one year ago on this day, we did the frozen embryo transfer. You were no bigger than a speck of dust when you were transferred into my womb. How apt is it that today is also the day that you turn 16 weeks old. To say that you are growing too quickly is an understatement. Everyday I wake and I swear you’ve grown a little bit more overnight.

You have since discovered that your hands are the tastiest things on earth (other than breast milk, of course). You find every opportunity to stuff them into your mouth, leaving a trail of saliva all over your chubby cheeks. Sometimes, you get a tad too enthusiastic and end up gagging. You have also learnt how to grasp both your hands together, as if in prayer. Sometimes, I catch you staring so hard at your clasped hands (“Oooh! HANDS!”) that you go a little cross-eyed. You are such a joy to watch, my little chubby tubs.


You are also fascinated with bright colours, flashing lights and all things shiny. During our recent jaunt to the airport, you wouldn’t stop craning your neck to stare at the ceiling and lights. You also stared at all the passers-by as they walked by. In fact, you love bright lights so much that whenever the TV is on, you’d be turning your head in its direction. Tsk tsk. No TV for you, young man!


You have just hit the 16-week mark and accordingly, you should be learning how to flip from your back to your tummy. However, you do not seem to enjoy tummy time very much and would yell to express your displeasure. You do, however, much prefer to sit up by grabbing onto our fingers and lifting yourself into a sitting position. Sometimes, you even try to stand (!). You’ve gotta slow down a little, my child. You love it when you sit up successfully and I go “Good job, Elliott!”. You seem to understand that I am praising you and would often reciprocate with a wide smile or a chuckle.

The Cuppycake Song was your favourite but you also like Old McDonald Had A Farm as well as the Alphabet Song now. Daddy loves to sing them to you and he makes me laugh when he sings “…and on his farm he had a cow” because erm, which farm only has one cow?! I had to tell him gently that Old McDonald’s farm “had some cows”.

These days, you are also napping for shorter periods in the day because you much prefer to be awake and “chatting”. You love high-pitched sounds so we end up speaking to you as if we just inhaled helium and Daddy is also very good at making all sorts of strange noises just to make you laugh. On the other hand, you have also found your voice and would yell very very loudly (i.e. with no tears) whenever something displeases you. Aiyooo.

Oh and did we mention that you have also started to blow saliva bubbles? Despite having a couple of chew toys, you much prefer gnawing on your own hands. Pfffft. People tell me that you’re starting to teeth and it scares me a little. Already?! But but but…you’re only 4 months young!


After that bout of acid reflux last month, we had to content with you having an outbreak of heat rash. Your neck was covered in angry red blotches and when that subsided, you got rashes on your torso and belly. Urgh. Thankfully, they have somewhat subsided but the ones on your neck comes and goes. Fingers crossed that it’d stay away. It makes me a little sad that your smooth baby skin has given way to wrinkly and dry skin. No thanks to the insanely hot weather, we have also raked up rather high electric bills just to keep you cool in an air-conditioned room with a fan (!). You are such a heat generator, my dear boy.


Your Ah Gong and Ah Ma are completely besotted with you. They look forward to your weekly visits where they get to carry and play with you. Their faces light up with happiness whenever you coo or grin at them. These visits are great because it allows us, your tired parents, to flop on the sofa and watch some TV. Hehe. Each morning, your Por Por comes by our room and says cheerily “Good morning Elliott!“. She loves it when you smile back in recognition. I hope that one day, when you are older, you will appreciate that Por Por painstakingly carries and rocks you to sleep for your nap every afternoon despite having aching arms and a sore lower back.

You have brought much happiness into everyone’s life. Keep growing strong and healthy, my child and know that you are so very loved. Happy 4 months, my cutie pie!


Mummy xoxo


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