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The other day, I was singing “Do Re Mi” (start at 0:44) from The Sound of Music to Elliott.

Me: *singing*…Fa…a long long way to run…So! A needle pulling thread…La! A note to follow So…

The boy: (cutting in) Huh? A note to ‘po lo so*’?!?

Me: Whaaaat?! 

The boy: How come La is a note to ‘po lo so’…?

Me: *exasperated* IT’S NOT PO LO SO! It’s “La! A. note. TO. FOLLOW. SO!”

The boy: Oh. I thought how come the song has Hokkien words in it.

It cracked me up so hard, I couldn’t stop laughing after that. I believe I curled myself up into a ball laughing hysterically with tears in my eyes.

My husband is unwittingly funny sometimes.


*po lo so is a Hokkien term to mean incessant nagging.





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