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Swim baby, swim!

I’m sure we’ve seen them before – tiny little babies boppin’ about in small tubs of water with their heads held up by a tiny ring float. Pre-baby, I used to wonder what it was and how it could be enjoyable for babies. Now that we have a baby of our own, suddenly, these spas don’t seem so silly anymore. There aren’t too many activities that a 3-month old can partake in, really. Visit the museum? Too young. Check out tulips at Gardens by the Bay? Too young. Play at the water park? Too young. visit the Zoo? Too young. You get the picture. Save for shopping trips to the mall (air-conditioned comfort!), there really isn’t much I can do with Elliott.

I decided to do a bit of research on these baby spas on the internet and learnt that the main player in Singapore is called (literally) BabySPA. They have outlets dotting the island and seem to have expanded their services to hair cuts as well. I also noticed that there was another company called Little Pods. They seem pretty new as I couldn’t find much information/reviews about them online. Their Facebook page showed pictures of the opening in April so it is only about 2 months old. When I clicked on the ‘Contact Us’ button, I was pleasantly surprised that they are located a mere 5-minutes drive away from where we are. How convenient!

Last Saturday, we made a visit to check it out. Parking in the area is a bit of a hassle with only parallel lots that are ALWAYS OCCUPIED on a one-lane, one-way street so we got my mum to drop us off. It was easy to spot the shop with its turquoise and pink shop front.


One of my girlfriends gave me this good advice: Do not sign up for the packages unless you are very very confident that your baby really enjoys it because if your baby decides that he/she hates it by screaming the house down after x number of sessions, a lot of money would be wasted. As you can see from the picture below, the packages do not come cheap.

As it was our first time, I opted for the ala carte pricing which is swimming & massage at $88. Apparently, this is a ‘special opening deal’ and the original price is $100. Gulp.


We were the only customers and were welcomed warmly by the all-female staff on duty. Here’s the boy with the little man (who is not looking very impressed here) at the waiting area. The entire place is spacious, bright and clean which is brilliant.


The shop space is segregated into 2 areas by a glass panel – the front houses the reception and waiting/play area while the back houses the swim areas.


little pods

We also noted that the swim area felt rather warm and the smiling staff informed us that the air-conditioned is turned off so that the babies won’t catch a cold. Ahhh. I have to add that it was really warm though and I started to perspire! Thankfully, I have a handheld fan in my diaper bag (a life saver!!) which I then used on myself. Hehe.

little pods1

Before the swim session, Elliott had to change into swim diapers before he was put through a quick ‘warm-up’ routine. It was funny to watch him having his arms and legs flexed. Thankfully, he just laid there quietly and looked on with curiosity.


Once he was done, it was time to try out the float for size. As you can see, we had the full attention of all staff on duty because we were the only customers at that time! And yes, Elliott was still looking a little confused. Must have been wondering what the fuss was all about.

little pods2

Swim diapers and float on, it was time to head into the water. He was held and then placed gently into the water which was nice and warm. The spa tub also has changing colours and soft music was playing in the background to stimulate their senses.



We weren’t sure how Elliott would take to it but the moment he entered the water, he started to kick his legs. It was too cute to watch. Most importantly, there were no tears. Phew!

little pods4

He kept looking around and especially loved the colourful wall. Forward, backwards, he just kept kicking. Must have been tiring on his little body! Soon after, he started to perspire. This little man of mine sweats really easily!


After the quick swim – he only lasted about 10 minutes – it was time for the baby massage. One lady worked on him using essentials oils while another distracted him with a toy. Unfortunately, it did not work too well because he started to voice his displeasure by yelling rather loudly. Instead of letting him lie on his tummy for the back massage, it had to be completed with him standing up. Ha.



Just look at the number of people required to entertain one tiny customer!


Because he was feeling uncomfortable due to the heat, the massage session was done quickly (psst, waste my money) so that we can quickly take him back into the front area of the shop where the aircon was blasting.

As I was settling the payment, he started to fuss even more and it was clear that naptime was overdue. His eyes were half closing before we could even step out of the shop. The moment we stepped into mum’s car, this happened:



It was a lovely first experience but I’m not sure if we’d return. We were in and out of the place in about 40 minutes! It’s quite a lot of money to pay to have a baby bop around in water for a bit. The package prices run into hundreds and even thousands!

I’m sure it can be easily replicated at home with an inflatable tub and a ring float. Of course it wouldn’t be as fancy as the ones at the shop with lights and bubbles (and you’d need to use A LOT OF WATER) but I’m pretty sure that for babies that enjoy being in water, they do not really need the bells and whistles.

Little Pods
3 Thomson Ridge
Singapore 574634
Tel: 6455 6687
Opening hours: Mon – Fri from 10am to 7pm; Sat, Sun and PH from 9am to 7pm 


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