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miss ene eats: Happenstance Cafe


The boy told me about this pet-friendly place called Happenstance Cafe that his colleague recommended. Since Elliott’s arrival, we haven’t had much energy nor time to hang out with Moon so we decided to check out the new pet cafe with Moon. It was a blazing hot day so I was very glad that the place is air-conditioned.


The cafe is longish and as seen in the picture above, the seating area is on the right as you enter and there’s a rather wide area for the dogs to roam about leash-free. That’s Moon checking out the boy was moved the car to an empty parallel lot right in front of the cafe. If you drive, do note that all the parking lots on the one-way street are parallel ones!


We got down to ordering food for ourselves first because we were starving. The boy got the Fish & Chips while I went with Create-Your-Happenstance Pasta….which turned out to be Penne Carbonara. I’m adventurous like that 😉

It was then time to order for the furry one. She kept a close watch and ensured that the order was placed correctly.

“Did you get the lamb? I hope you ordered the lamb, human. Oh and don’t forget the cheese topping.”


Our food arrived first and soon after, her food was served as well – in the cutest Hello Kitty-shaped bowl, no less! As clearly seen, she lapped it up in no time.


We each had a drink, then ordered a chocolate muffin with ice-cream to share. The total bill came up to about $50 (inclusive of service charge, no GST) which I thought was pretty reasonable seeing that it fed everyone well.

Also, having visited quite a number of pet cafes, I must say that they currently hold the top spot for serving the best-tasting human food! Let’s hope that they keep it that way. The environment is also clean (I spotted a huge air purifier) and it does not smell funky.


I’m pretty sure that we’d be back soon enough!

Happenstance Cafe
35 Opal Crescent
Singapore 328425

Opening hours: Daily 11.00am till 10.00pm



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