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Achievement unlocked: Solo outing with baby

Last week, Yann asked if we wanted to join her and Aidan at Vivocity. She was starting her maternity leave to prepare for the arrival of Two (who has since arrived!). I jumped at the chance to head out with E because sometimes, staying home the entire time leads to cabin fever. Also, the crazy hot weather does not help!

I packed E’s stuff into his PPB diaper bag and prepared his baby carrier. I meant to take the MRT because it is a direct ride to Harbourfront station from where I am. However, the husband insisted that we get driven there so ok, my mum drove both of us to Vivocity. Someone got really curious about his surroundings and whey hey! We’re both in stripes. Pure coincidence.


We headed to grab some tea and ended up at Costa Coffee because every other decent coffee joint was filled with people. Pfffft. Thankfully, by then, E had fallen asleep in his carrier. Yeay! Can I just say that I absolutely adore his sleeping face? It melts my heart into a puddle of goo. Awww…


We then headed to the row of “motherhood” shops, i.e. Mothercare, Spring Maternity, etc where we bought bits and bobs because you know, there’s always something to buy. At this juncture, I must add that it was taxing on the back to be toting an almost-7kg baby as well as a diaper bag. I was starting to wonder if I could manage my way home on my own…

Soon enough, it was time to nurse and a diaper change. Elliott looks TINY beside Aidan who just crossed 2 years old! It was mad adorable watching them together.


We walked around for a bit more before I decided that my back was seriously killing me and it was time to head home. Also, baby-wearing is really hot and I could feel E getting cranky. This, despite being in an air-conditioned environment!

After we said our goodbyes to Yann and Aidan, I headed to the MRT station on my own. It was the start of our solo journey home. Gulp.


We got the priority seat because it was the first station. At first, Elliott was pretty happy and looked at everything and anything. He was especially fixated by the scrolling red text on the electronic board announcing the next station. That kept him suitably occupied for quite a few stations.


It was about 5.30pm-ish and the trains started to get crowded as we moved along. Soon, the entire carriage was filled with commuters and I was praying with all my might that he wouldn’t start to fuss.

No such luck.

When we got to Caldecott station, he started to yell. I felt a million pairs of eyes on me. “Ok sweetie, we are reaching our stop soon. JUST ONE MORE STOP, OK?”, I said loudly so that everyone will know that screaming baby and frazzled mother will be getting off very soon. It was only one station away but it felt like 10. He started to properly bawl before we reached our stop and I had to stand to rock him. Told a lady standing in front of me that she could have my seat as we were getting off. I then struggled to pick up my diaper bag from the floor and nope, no one offered to help.

Finally, we got to our stop and the moment I walked out of the door, E was a happy and quiet baby again. The husband was not at work that day so he and Moon met us at the station. I was so so glad to see him!

“Come! Take a picture to commemorate your first trip out!”, he said joyfully.

And so we did.



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