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Battle of the diaper bags

Background: I have 2 diaper bags. I got the first one, the Skip Hop Duo when I was still pregnant. I had no intention of getting a second diaper bag because really, why does one need TWO DIAPER BAGS, RIGHT?! But I spotted a Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack going for a really good bargain on Facebook and that’s how I ended up with 2 diaper bags.



Now that I’ve used both of them, I thought that it would be good to do a comparison. If you found this entry while researching on diaper bags, I hope you find it useful! You can read about each bag’s specifications on the links above so I’d just go straight into what I like and don’t quite like about each bag.

The Skip Hop Duo – WHAT I LIKE

Large front pockets – I love the 2 large pockets at the front of this bag. It allows easy access to essentials such as wash cloth (for spit-ups, wiping drool, etc) as well as wet wipes. I also use the large pockets to throw my mobile phone so that it does not get lost within the bag itself.


Side pockets – This particular model comes with 2 insulated side pockets which we found very useful for taking along a bottle of milk. I can also stick 2 small packs of silicon ice packs in there to keep it cold and it will stay cold for a couple of hours. The bag is waterproof so even though it may feel cold to the touch, it does not get wet. This, to me, is the best feature of this bag. Do note that the usual Skip Hop Dup does not come with these side pockets. It apparently only exists in this “special edition” version.


Stroller clips – This bag comes attached with stroller clips. Very useful when you are managing a (giant) stroller and a diaper bag. The 2 clips allow you to simply clip the bag onto the stroller bag and voila!


Zipped pockets – There are 2 at the top of the bag. One is larger and fits extra diapers and the other is much shallower for random knick knacks such as extra batteries for the stroller fan. Again, this easy-to-reach pockets are useful when you need to grab things in a jiffy.


Handles and shoulder strap – I like that this bag has short handles. Particularly useful when you are trying to place it into the car while carrying baby. The shoulder strap is good for cross-carrying or on the shoulders but I have to add that it takes a toll on your shoulder when you carry it for too long because diaper bags are heavy even when you don’t have a ton of stuff in it! I guess the bag itself is already weighty due to its material.


Limited content area – The bag is pretty slim and compact so naturally, the usable space is pretty limited. It usually contains a nursing cover, one extra set of clothes (in a pouch) and a wet bag. That’s it. I guess that’s the trade-off if you want a compact bag.

Magnetic snaps – The bag comes with magnetic snaps so if you “over-stuff” it, you can’t close the bag properly and if it falls over, your things may fall out.

Changing mat – The changing mat that comes as part of the bag is good for those on-the-go diaper changes but it is extremely thin despite it being “padded”. Also, the length is pretty short which means that E is growing out of it very quickly! We leave it in the side large pocket (the “back” of the bag) and have on occasion, left it behind at the in-laws. I hear that it is very common to lose changing mats this way because frenzied parents forget to pack it back into the bag after a diaper change.

Instability– Because of its slim base, the bag tend to fall over when you lay it “standing”.

Now, let’s talk about the Petunia Pickle Bottom (PPB for short). Can I just say that I LOVE the name? Say it really quickly 🙂

The PPB Abundance Boxy Backpack – WHAT I LIKE

Backpack straps – This was the  main reason I got this bag. When you are out and about with baby, you’d want to free up your hands and having a diaper bag that allows you to carry it backpack style is perfect! It is especially useful if you are alone with baby. However, I have to add that they’re not the most comfortable straps, i.e. they are not padded and is literally 2 pieces of straps. Also, they have a tendency to “loosen” as I walk so I end up having to constantly adjust it. It also comes with another strap where you can carry it cross-body or on the shoulder.


Built-in changing station – Now, this is pretty awesome. Before I got the bag, I was wondering how this worked. Basically, the front of the bag is a built-in changing mat so there’s little chance of leaving it behind. We simply plonk the entire bag onto the changing surface and unfold the changing mat. The PPB changing mat is a lot thicker than the Skip Hop one and best of all, it can also be removed to be washed (it’s attached by velcro). Also, as you can see from the picture below (where the diaper-changer extraordinaire is doing what he does best), the mat is a lot longer than the Skip Hop one. As seen, there are also pockets for extra diapers and wet wipes so everything is within easy reach. Once done, fold it back up, zip up the sides and we are done!


Roomy content area – This bag can contain a lot more stuff than the Skip Hop Duo. This is probably due to its boxy shape which naturally allow you to throw in more stuff. Be warned though – the more things you put into the diaper bag means a heavier bag!

Magnetic enclosure – The cover flap is secured by pretty strong magnet clasps so it’s quick and easy. Also, if you have more stuff in your bag, i.e. you have a fatter bag, there are 2 magnetic options so that you can still close the bag. That’s pretty clever.

Stability – Because of its broader base, the PPB backpack doesn’t fall over as easily as the Skip Hop.

The PPB Abundance Boxy Backpack – WHAT I DON’T REALLY LIKE

The cover flap – This is a bit of a dilemma for me. On one hand, I like that my things won’t fall out. On the other, having to flip the large flap open and close can be a bit of a chore when you are trying to grab something fast.

Side pockets – Even thought the description says “large side pockets”, they are pretty narrow. I usually place a wash cloth and mobile phone on one side and on the other, a pack of wet wipes. That’s about it.

Lack of handles – This is acute when I compare it to the Skip Hop. We usually end up “throwing” the bag into the car because there are no handles to manage it. I guess one can’t have it all because handles would make the bag look a tad odd.


Well. It looks like each bag has its pros and cons! I do use both bags pretty equally. When we baby-wear, it’s usually the PPB but when we take the stroller out, we use the Skip Hop. Also, sometimes, I get lazy and I just grab the one that I last used. Hur hur.


Which diaper bag would YOU pick? Oh and do tell me which bag you went with and why. It’d be nice to know!


4 thoughts on “Battle of the diaper bags

  1. The roll-out changing mat is so cool! By the way, I tried commenting on your Bubsicles post but it kept giving me an error message, saying I had an invalid security code. Just wanted to say that “smelling clean and nice during the initial weeks of motherhood” was one of the few things keeping me sane too! Lol.

    1. It is huh? Thanks for feedback regarding Bubsicles. Seems to work ok on our end though. Could it be your computer/laptop settings? And yes, basic needs become luxuries when you have a newborn!

  2. you shld consider carrying a backpack instead so that the weight of the diaper bag is equally spread out. I used to carry the diaper bag on a sling bag and walk ard but realise its getting pretty hard now a days

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