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Chubby feet in chubbychubby

About 2 months ago, I took part in an Instagram contest to win a pair of adorable booties from Chubbychubby. I don’t have much luck with such contests so imagine my surprise when I saw this on my Instragram feed:

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.53.29 pm

Oh joy! I won! I won!

I communicated with the owner/designer, Nix, and I was kept checking the mailbox for ’em booties. Unfortunately, after waiting for almost two weeks, the booties were nowhere to be seen. We then came to the sad conclusion that it got lost in the mail. Pffft.  Nix then very kindly offered to make E a replacement pair of sandals from her new Spring/Summer Capsule Collection to be launched at Blueprint Emporium on 17-18 May 2014. This means that Elliott would be the very first baby to own the newly launched sandals!

This explains why we headed to Suntec Convention Centre last weekend – to collect his sandals (can’t risk it being lost in the mail again!) and to say Hi to Nix. We have never met in real life but have corresponded quite a bit via email, and we follow each other on Instagram. This social media thing is pretty amazing 🙂

Anyhow, when Nix handed me the pair of sandals, I had to contain my excitement not to squeal. It was the cutest little thing!!! Look!


We immediately put it on E’s chubby feet (Chubbychubby sandals on chubby feet eh?). Too darn cute. Check out my hip-hop wannabe son with his hoodie and uneven pants. Hur hur. On a somewhat unrelated note, did I mention that I call E “Chubby-Tubs”? Check out his belly.


To be honest, when I heard “sandals”, I wasn’t quite sure how it’d look. Do babies even wear sandals? Wouldn’t it fall off easily? I have discovered with this pair that it was much easier putting it on (with the elasticised back) than shoes on a pair of wriggly baby feet! I’ve tried to get E to put on shoes but he either kicks them off in 5 seconds or they fall off, especially when they’re a couple of sizes too big. Alamak.

We also took a (rare) family picture right by their lovely booth. Not sure what E was looking at though. Check out the pretty display behind!


ChubbyChubby can be found online, as well as on Facebook. Go check them out if you’re looking for a gift for a friend who has just popped, a little buddy’s birthday or perhaps a “just because” gift for your little one.


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