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Milestone Moment: Sleeping through

Yesterday, we headed to Blueprint Emporium (more on that later), then shopped at Suntec. Stuffed my face with waffles and ice cream from Gelare (so good!) after nursing E RIGHT AT THE TABLE – with a nursing cover, of course. But whey hey! I did it! It was a proud new mother moment. He was a happy little camper after 🙂


Spent a bit of effort searching almost the entire building for a nursing room, only finding one at the convention centre where there were no facilities for breastfeeding. Pffft. Thankfully we only needed to change a wet diaper.

Oh and in the photo below, you will see my new Petunia Pickle Bottom (love the name!!) diaper bag where the changing mat is attached to the bag so there’s no danger of ever losing it. So clever! I already own a diaper bag from Skip Hop and don’t really need another one but the PPB one (brand new!) was going for a really good price on this site and it’s always good to have a back-up diaper bag, right? (Don’t answer me, my dear husband). Also, the PPB one has a backpack option which according to the fabulously gorgeous Y, would be very useful if and when I’m alone with baby.


In the evening, headed to the in-laws for our usual Sunday family dinner where E was fussed over and spoiled silly by his doting grandparents. His Ah Gong even bought a brand new mattress for him so that he has a place to lie down on when we visit. Awww. So loved, this boy.

So anyhoo, we were out pretty much the entire day, from 2pm to about 9ish. The purpose of this blog entry is to document 2 facts:

1. Elliott was extremely well-behaved in the baby carrier that the husband used, falling asleep at times, then checking out the surroundings quietly when awake – see photo for evidence. E was staring at the giant TV wall at the Suntec convention area.

For the record, he’s using the Britax baby carrier that came free with our stroller of the same brand. There was a tiny bit of fussing but only when we stopped to look at stuff or on the escalator when we were stationary (!) Otherwise, he was a sweet angel which made for an enjoyable outing for all 🙂 Also, I am probably completely biased but I think my baby-carrying husband looks really spiffy!


2. More importantly, he slept right through from his last feed at about 11pm till almost 7am this morning! Whoop whoop! He was probably tired out from the outing but still! He slept through! I did wake up at 3am and paranoid new mother me wondered if I completely missed his crying. I’d admit that I stared really hard at his chest just to check that he was still breathing.

I don’t think this sleeping-through thingy is going to be a regular occurrence but thought that I’d blog about it since it happened for the very first time since his birth. Fingers crossed that I don’t jinx it and he decides to wake up every 2 hours tonight.



4 thoughts on “Milestone Moment: Sleeping through

    1. Haha yeah, mothers would totally understand the joy. So far, he’s slept from midnight till about 5am but I’m not complaining. Better than the every-2-hour feeds!

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