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Moon checks out a new pet salon!

Last week, Moon and I checked out a new pet salon for grooming services. A dog’s life pet salon is located at the so-hip-it-hurts Tiong Bahru neighbourhood so I took the chance to check it out. Haven’t been there in yonks!

Thanks to Google maps, it was easy finding the place. Love the cute little signage at the side of the building which helped us spot it just as we turned onto the street.

Recently Updated10

There are parallel lots right in front of the salon and we were lucky to grab a spot. I left mum and Elliott in the car and took Moon in. Love the shop front!


The salon smells really nice and importantly, clean. The grooming area is at the back (easily seen through a glass partition) while the front consists of a reception and a small waiting area.

29 Apr, 2014_21

We were warmly greeted by Mo, the resident groomer who proceeded to get me to fill up a form.


He also showed me some dental chews and nail polish for dogs but I politely declined. Don’t think the husband will be pleased if I bring Moon home with coloured nails! We also had a short chat about the kind of cut for Moon. I explained that as Moon has a wide chest, we usually keep the fur on her head long so that she doesn’t look out of balance. He also quipped that as she is a girl, he will groom her in such a way that she will look like a girl. Sounds good to me!

A dog's life

They also offer pain-free and anesthetic free dental scaling which sounds like a good idea. I’ve never liked the idea of putting Moon under GA just to clean her teeth. Check out their Facebook page for pictures of dogs who had their teeth cleaned this way.  Domo will be getting his teeth cleaned later this week so we shall see how it goes. They also do grooming for rabbits and guinea pigs! I also noted that they have a ‘signature derma spa’. Might have to check that out sometime. I also read on their website that every furry customer is offered a personal grooming pack of sterilized equipment. That sounds like a good idea to prevent the spread of ticks and fleas. Pffft.

He also asked if I’m keen to give Moon a little fur colour using  100% animal-safe hair dye (top up $20) so on a whim, I said sure, why not. I’ve never coloured Moon’s fur so was curious to see how it’d turn out. I also left him to decide on the colour that would best suit Moon and promptly left her in his good hands. You can check out their full price list here. For the record, Moon falls under the ‘Petite’ category.


In about an hour or so, I got a call to say that Moon is ready. As I approached the shop, I spied her standing just behind the glass door looking out for me. Awwww.

As usual, she was ecstatic to see me but would you look at her?! HOW ADORABLE IS HER NEW FUR COLOUR? I couldn’t help squealing at how cute she looked. I also loved that she had a little white ribbon in her hair which upped the cuteness factor.

A dog's life2

I really liked the cut that Moon had. She had a little short “fringe” at her underbelly and the cut made her look balanced throughout. The cut was even and neat. Ok, I’m not very good at describing so you’d just have to trust me and look at the pictures in this entry 🙂 Here’s a very pleased Moon with Mo. Hey, Moon and Mo – that rhymes!


Till next time, thanks again for an awesome grooming job! Five star care at three star fares indeed 🙂


a dog’s life pet salon
32 Eng Hoon Street (street level)

Tel: 9001 6438


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