New toys for Moon!

I first read about Puppost in a pet’s magazine. They do subscription boxes for dogs! I was about to place an order for one when I noticed that the next delivery would be in June. By then, we’d probably be moving out of my parents’ place and I don’t want to risk not receiving it so instead, I had a look at their online store instead.

As my poor furry pal has been neglected recently due to Elliott’s arrival, I decided to do the guilty pet owner thing and placed an order for 2 new toys on Sunday – the Kyjen Kibble Drop and a P.L.A.Y. Wobble Ball.

On Thursday, a big box arrived in the mail!


Yes, Moon is looking rather dishevelled. I really should take some time out to brush her fur. Pfffft.

I quickly opened the box and there it was, the toys I ordered.


It even came with a personalised note printed on kikki.K paper. A really nice touch, I say. They used Moon’s profile picture from her Facebook page because when I placed the order, there is a field to input pet’s social media page. Very forward-looking!


When first introduced to the kibble drop, Moon had no idea what to do. She simply stared at it and stood rooted to the ground. Oh dear. I thought that it was going to be a waste of money since she doesn’t know how to get to the treats within.

The same night, I tried again. I showed her by opening and closing the flaps. She tried to open it by constantly licking it. And when that didn’t work, she continued to sniff around and somehow, her nose managed to flip open one of the flaps. Woohoo! She soon figured out how to work the flaps…The video is a bit dark because it was filmed at night.

Now, let’s see her do it again tomorrow! 🙂 As for the wobble ball, she doesn’t know what to do with it yet. Shall try again soon.


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