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Heading out with baby

I have been meaning to put in a new blog entry, I really have. The only time I have to do so is when Elliott is asleep. I then think about blogging but am also tempted to nap. I then glance at my laptop and decide that it’s too much effort to move across the room to power it up. Sometimes I do make it across the room but when I get to the WordPress site, I’ve lost interest in writing. Is this what sleep deprivation does to one’s ability to function? Probably so. Little wonder that sleep deprivation is a form of torture some time ago in history.

The next question is then: What should I blog about? Obviously, my life revolves around caring for Elliott. It is very true that your life changes (A LOT) once you birth a child. We no longer can simply head out for a movie or dinner date just because we feel like it. Logistics have to be planned ahead so that either someone is caring for Elliott at home (i.e. my mum) or we take him along. I have to add that having a baby carrier helps tremendously! It frees up my hands and I have even mastered the art of eating with him strapped onto me. I have not dripped sauce on his head just yet. YET. See pictorial example below of me tucking into a gyoza. The plate is essential to ensure that no random piece of food falls onto child’s head. And yes, I didn’t bother with make-up and my eyebags are HUGE. Boo.


I now also order food that is “easy to eat”, i.e. does not come with sauce, contain hot soup, needs to be eaten with fingers, etc. This ensure that food gets into my tummy FAST and EASILY without too much effort because you never know when child will wake and demands IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.

I am not confident of taking him out on my own yet so for our first visit out without the husband, I was with my mum and we headed to nex. I have to say that the nursing room at Isetan’s children’s section is pretty well-equipped and importantly, clean and doesn’t smell funky. Mum’s really good with Elliott, changing and feeding him when it was time. Once that was done, I popped him back into the carrier and he fell asleep again.

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So yes, baby carrying rocks 🙂 I only wish it wasn’t so humid and hot in Singapore.

Yesterday, we took him to visit my colleagues at school and it was really lovely to see how everyone cooed and fussed over him. Thankfully, he was on his best behaviour until towards the end where he was getting tired and cranky. Out came the baby carrier and he fell asleep in it in no time. Woots.

We have also taken him to one of our favourite jaunts, Punggol Promenade. We used to take Moon and last weekend, we took him with us too in his stroller. It was a tad emotional for me because I remember strolling at the same park and always wondering if we’d ever get a chance to bring our child along. Our little family of 3 is now 4. Never mind that he was asleep throughout and the parents were covered in sweat by the end of the walk.

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Hopefully, as we settle more into a routine, I will be able to take him out more often to explore places that are too crowded on weekends. In the meantime, here’s a mandatory photo of my son looking like a cute seal in his “Love to Dream” swaddle. I wanna nom on his cheeks.


PS. Wrote a new entry about how the husband became a dad on Bubsicles!








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