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The (furry) baby-sitter

This picture marks the moment when Elliott and Moon met for the very first time.


She was extremely curious about this new tiny human and kept trying to sniff him.



The first night was challenging for all of us, Moon included. Whenever Elliott bawled, Moon would look worried and let out a high-pitched bark. Naturally, all of us slept badly, the furry one included. She would also constantly try and sniff him through his crib and at times, would also get in our way when we were trying to pacify a screaming newborn. Imagine 2 frazzled humans, one screaming baby and one nervous dog getting into everyone’s way. I am a little embarrassed to say that I yelled at Moon a few times to “move away” because it was just too much to handle!

After a couple of days, things settled down for a bit and Moon was also starting to get used to the night feeds and the crying. She would still stir whenever she heard Elliott cry but after a couple of days, she got the idea that this little human screamed all the time so she continued to snooze. In fact, when I got up for the various night feeds, she’d be flat out in her bed, oblivious to whatever that was going on in the room.

I spend most of the day in the room, as you would with a newborn. I was either trying to soothe or nurse him, or passed out on the bed out of exhaustion for a quick nap. The 2 dogs can usually be found close to the crib, snoozing as well.


I have to add that Domo is less affected by Elliott’s arrival. He still goes about doing his own stuff. As the sister rightly said, he behaves just like a boy! Hehe.

Did I also mention that Moon is extremely interested in Elliott’s dirty diaper and milk-soaked clothes? She’d always be the first one to stick her nose into his laundry basket to take a whiff before we notice and shoo her off. Once, she even stealthily took off with one of his hand mittens and was all ready to examine it. Too bad for her, I noticed it and said mitten was promptly removed from wayward paws.

Sometimes, Elliott would take naps in my mum’s room while I catch a breather. Moon can also be found staying close to him while he snoozes. It’s pretty cute to watch.



Naturally, the amount of time I am able to spend with Moon is a lot lesser now that Elliott is here but it hasn’t stopped the sweet furball from lying at my feet when I’m nursing him, or sitting close to me when I’m having my dinner. She is probably wondering why I no longer take her for walks (boo!) but hey, soon enough, we can do it again but this time, with baby in tow.

Thankfully, the boy has been very good at trying to keep to our routine with Moon by taking her on walks, doing the therapy dog visits as well as giving her her weekly showers. Like now, as I write, they have both gone for a run at the park.

It is definitely challenging with a newborn and a pet dog but I am sure that over time and with practise, we will grow together as a family unit. I can’t wait for the day when Elliott is old enough to realise that he has a furry sister who is ever ready to sniff at his smelly diapers 🙂





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