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Yes, I’m still alive. Barely but yes, definitely still alive. Elliott turned 3 weeks old and we are slowly but surely settling into a routine. Well, burp -nurse – sleep – poop – pee – bathe. Repeat x 24 hours. That pretty much sums up my day and night. I have no idea what day or date it is anymore. My schedule is decided by the new tiny being who is now my alarm clock with no snooze button.

Anyway, I wanted to share that other than this personal blog, I will also be contributing entries to this site, Bubsicles. It is a community blog site made up of new (me!) and not so new mothers. It is not a site where motherhood is all AWESOME!! and LIFE IS GREAT BEING A MOTHER ALL THE TIME!! type entries. Instead, you will find personal stories from different contributors detailing the nice and not so nice bits about motherhood.

Sometimes, it is easy to be sucked into the idea that you are a terrible mother because every other mother out there is a perfect Mummy Do-It-All who makes pretty cupcakes, has perfect hair (omg have you seen the state of MY hair?!), wears pretty dresses and still finds time to do craft work along with feeding their child organic and clean food.

Hopefully, Bubsicles throws an alternative light to motherhood. A not so rosy, even imperfect light.

To start off, here’s my very first entry about the first few days of having Elliott.

Thanks for reading.

PS. You can also find Bubsicles on Facebook!


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