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miss ene eats: Gyu-kaku at UE Square

Last Friday evening, we met up with the BFF and her boy for a last hooray dinner before Bump arrives. They’re parents to 3 young kids and it is not often that we head out to town for an adults-only meal. Being pregnant has its privileges so I got to choose our dinner venue. As I’ve been on a carbohydrates and meat craze (hur hur), I suggested dinner at Gyu-kaku, CHIJMES. Unfortunately, that particular outlet is closed for renovations so we headed to their branch at UE Square instead. At time of booking, I did not realise that this outlet is considered a “prime” outlet – says so in its name. Apparently, the prime outlets offer better-cut meats, such as wagyu beef.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 1.25.50 pm
Image taken from Gyu-kaku.

Anyway, we got down to business the moment we arrived…with the happy boys ordering beer. On a side note, I miss beer. I’m not even a huge beer drinker to begin with but when you can’t have it, you absolutely want it. Pfffft. And what’s BBQ meat without beer, right?


Here’s a rare photo of the BFF smiling. And Bump is absolutely concealed because (1) I’m wearing black – very flattering for whale-like figures (me) and (2) we got to wear a cute disposable apron.


We got the “Wagyu Plate A” which is basically a whole lot of wagyu beef in various cuts. Did someone say BEEF?IMG_0512

This meal is a meat lover’s dream come true (me). See that aluminium foil pack on the grill? That contains assorted mushrooms such as shiitake, straw, etc. I don’t know what they put in it, probably butter, but it is SUPER DELISH! A must-order if you’re at Gyu-kaku. Also, it makes me feel a wee bit better eating something healthier other than just meat.


We also ordered sides of chicken (teriyaki) and Iberico pork. The chicken was good but I’d pass on the pork. It was no where close to the Iberico pork I had at Cut. Pffft. And it costs $16.90 for 100 grams!

Nonetheless, the rest of the evening was excellent – Absolute food decadence, funny conversations and crazy laughter. The perfect way to end a workweek!


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