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I’m officially on leave to await the arrival of Bump (woohoo!) so I spend most of my time lying in bed and pottering around the house. On my first day of leave, I decided to fix up the mobile cot. As usual, Moon was curious and probably wondered if it was her new toy.

Everyone tells me to enjoy this “me” time before things get crazy around here and I am relishing it. Also, I’ve been giving Moon a lot more cuddles and kisses because I can totally foresee my time being taken up by the new tiny human once he arrives.

Yes, Bump’s a “he”. A little boy. This means all shades of blue, stripes, browns and some bits of reds. I am not a fan of the colour green so nope, you won’t be seeing any green shades around here.


The crib has also finally arrived from Mothercare. There is currently not much space for a full-sized baby cot in our current room so we’d just make do with this little crib until we move later this year. We were joking that Bump needs to stay in utero until the crib arrives or else he’d be bedless! Thankfully, it all worked out and he will have a place to sleep when he arrives.


Besides lounging around the house and being a total slug, I headed out for a pedicure treat. Obviously, I cannot reach my toes anymore so it’s always a nice treat. For the record, this is my 38-week belly. And yes, I do feel like a (very heavy) whale.


So yes, we are all waiting. Waiting for the big day to arrive. Any day now!


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