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Mum’s cooking: Braised duck


My mum made braised duck or “lor arh” in Teochew. It was the very first time that she was attempting it and it was SO VERY DELICIOUS! She learnt it from observing her mum which is my beloved late grandma. I wish I inherited her ability to cook by observation, damnit! More often than not, any first attempt at a new dish on my part would be a disaster. And that’s the truth. Boo.

Mum also remarked that previously, all she had to do was to tell her mum that she wants to eat braised duck and it’d maigcally appear on the dinner table. Just like how it is with me and my mum. I told her casually last evening that I feel like eating nasi lemak and today, I got a message from her saying that tonight, she is making nasi lemak.

My momma rocks.

At the dinner table last evening, my mum remarked sadly that “these days, I have to make it because MaMa is no longer around”. It brought tears to my eyes because I miss my grandparents too. I can only imagine that it must be even more difficult for her.

I am just glad that my grandma’s recipe lives on in my mum’s cooking! I need to learn how to make them too!!!


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