moon · the journey

5 weeks to go!

I decided that it was perhaps time to start washing Bump’s clothes in preparation for the big arrival. Seeing that it is a mere 5 weeks before it hits the 40-week mark and many people have been telling me that there is a high chance that Bump will arrive early, it was time for baby laundry.


Even Moon looked a tad overwhelmed by the amount of laundry that needed to be done. Why does a teeny tiny human need so many stuff? Well. I have to add for the record that not all were bought by me, ok? (Yes, this note is for the boy). Bump has a very doting and excited Yiyi (aunty, i.e. my sister) who cannot resist buying him cute stuff. I had to actually tell her to STOP BUYING! ENOUGH ALREADY!

Hur hur.


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