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Something for Bump

Guess what these are for?


Here’s another clue:


These are dried out bean sprout husks and meant for filling the material (first picture) for a bean sprout husk pillow. They’re supposed to help newborn babies sleep better and not get startled easily (from sudden loud noises, etc).

I am very thankful that I have an aunty that can sew the pillow for us. Homemade is the best! My mum collected these husks from a few months ago and painstakingly put them out into the sun each day to dry them out completely. She headed out for a CNY lunch gathering and got the pillow cases from my aunty. We got the 100% cotton material from the market at People’s Park Complex (second or third level, where there are many small shops selling cloth) and passed the cloth to my aunty to turn them into a pillow.


There was a small side slit for us to transfer the husks into the pillow and once we were done, mum sewed it up.


Can’t wait to use it for Bump!


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