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Punggol Promenade

I’m not exactly sure if this area is called Punggol Promenade but I do know it as Lorong Halus. It is pretty close to where the in-laws live so we’d usually take Moon and head there for a walk before dinner at their place.


It used to be nice and quiet but ever since everyone else discovered it, it can get pretty crowded with cyclists, rollerbladers, families with young children, joggers, etc. However, the park is pretty huge so if you prefer a less hectic area, head to the right of the red bridge (don’t know its name but it connects Lorong Halus Wetland to the park).


Most people congregate to the left of the bridge because it leads to Popeyes and a few other F&B establishments, including toilets. It’s a bit different to the right of the bridge where there’s less people. In fact, there’s so few people, we let Moon walk off leash alongside us.



It sure doesn’t look like we’re in Singapore huh? I remarked to the boy that it looks like a wooded area in Japan! Well, with the lovely cool breeze that we’ve been enjoying these few weeks, one can always pretend 🙂 And have you noticed how empty the walkway is? PERFECT!


No thanks to the ever-growing belly, we had to take numerous rest stops along the way on the many benches that littered the path. Again, there weren’t many people so it was nice to sit, stare into space, enjoy each other’s company and enjoy the breeze. By the way, this salmon-pink swallow-print top is from Asos and is one of my favourite t-shirts. I wished I bought more in other prints because the cutting is flattering, unlike many of the maternity t-shirts sold in local stores. If you’re looking for cheap, good-looking maternity wear, you can’t go wrong with Asos Maternity. Did I mention that it’s free shipping?? I’m not being paid to say this! Most of the stuff I see at the stores that stock maternity wear are either hideous or waaaaaay too expensive to wear just for 9 months or less. So yes, Asos is the way to go 🙂 Oh and if you need a reference point, I wear UK 8.

Anyhoo, back to Punggol Promenade. Sorry, got carried away talking about clothes 😛


It was a really lovely Saturday evening spent with the boy and Moon, and little bump 🙂 I guess the idyllic surroundings and strong cool breeze helped too.

In somewhat related  news, we finally got down to getting Moon a dog tag.


It has her name on one side and our contact details on the reverse. Got it from Pet Lovers Centre. I got paranoid after seeing one too many “Lost dog!” notices on Facebook so yeah, we finally got one made. Also, if you look carefully, her collar says “Moon” as well so in the unfortunate event that she gets lost, I sure hope whoever finds her will call us!


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