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Confinement Recipes

A colleague passed me this book which she found useful during her confinement period.


Her mum was the one who found it so I’m not sure where it was bought. I always thought that confinement food essentially means 2 ingredients – loads of ginger and loads of sesame oil. Ha. Apparently not! Flipping through the book made me realise that there is a whole range of confinement food that actually makes use of more than ginger and sesame oil. Yes, they feature prominently as ingredients but it was definitely more than simply sesame oil chicken with ginger (x30 days).

IMG_9354 IMG_9355

I have to admit the recipes made me hungry and I am rather looking forward to having some of the meals in there. Ok, I have to add that I don’t eat “internals”, i.e. liver, kidneys and the such so I’m just going to skip past those.

I have dutifully handed the book over to my mum who will be taking care of me after I pop. I am sure it will help her plan the menu for 30 days.



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