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The attack of the pregnancy brain


So this morning, I headed to my 9am class. As usual, I was 5 minutes early so I went about setting up the laptop and preparing for the class.

At 9am sharp, there were no students in sight. That was a little odd because usually, there’d always be the early birds who will be waiting for me to unlock the door.

Maybe there’s a bad traffic jam, I thought to myself.

Soon, it was 9.05am. The room was still empty.

I quickly checked the room time-table that is stuck on each classroom door and under Thursday 9am, I saw my name.

I’m in the correct room but where are the students?

This was getting strange.

I decided to look at my phone where I have my time-table. The room indicated for my 9am class is on the same floor BUT AT THE OTHER END OF THE HALL!


I threw everything (including my laptop) into my bag and quickly (as quickly as a pregnant woman can, that is) headed towards the correct classroom.

As I turned the corner, I spotted familiar faces. The students looked a little puzzled because I have never been late for class. One of them quipped: Yeah, we were wondering if something happened or class was cancelled because it’s already 9.05am but there was no sign of you.

I had to apologise profusely and told the class how my pregnancy brain messed with me this morning.

And yes, today is a WEDNESDAY, not Thursday. Doh.

So. Pregnancy brains. Truth or myth? Definitely a truth for me this morning. Pfffft.



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