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With Chinese New Year round the corner, Mum and I decided that we need a new sofa. The current fabric sofa is about 6-7 years old and is starting to show its age. Mum suggested that we head to Sungei Kadut because there are loads of furniture stores in the vicinity. We did not have any specific shops to visit but just thought that we’d check out those that catches our eye.

We almost did not walk into this shop and were about to leave when I noticed that it said “leather sofa gallery”. Told mum that we should just pop to check it out since we’re already here.


I have never heard of Univonna but a quick search on Google showed pretty good reviews. We were served by an informative but non-pushy salesguy called Benedict. We decided to get a leather sofa set instead of a fabric one for easier maintenance.  We also wanted a L-shaped sofa. He showed us a few sofas based on our requirements and I noticed that some of the L-shaped one were pretty short. He shared that because houses are getting smaller these days, the L-bit of the sofa is also getting shorter. That was interesting but definitely keeping up with the times.

Mum spotted this sofa and we sat on it. Benedict shared that this has back support (see the puff bits for the back?) so it is better than the ones that are flat.


Its measurements also fitted what we were looking for and Mum seemed pleased that the extreme end of the sofa (across from the L-shape) can also be reclined.



It’s pretty cool – you press a little button at the side and you can almost lie flat. I know this technology is not new but I have never had a sofa like that so I was pretty amazed. Ha.

We decided to go with this sofa set and asked about the various materials. Apparently, you can have it in full leather, half leather (where only the ‘contact’ areas – where you sit – are real leather. The sides are man-made) or PU (PolyUrethane) leather which is synthetic leather or faux leather. Naturally, PU leather is much cheaper than real leather. More importantly, it is easier to maintain (just wipe) and pretty water resistant. With 2 dogs in the house and a baby on the way, it just made more sense to go with the PU leather. Also, it requires less maintenance than 100% real leather. The downside? It is slightly warmer than real leather. Then again, this is Singapore and it will be warm regardless (that’s my personal opinion). Of course, the price was also a contributing factor.

Next: To choose the colour.


The boy and sister suggested the dark brown but I thought it was sooo boring. In the end, after looking at the colour swatches in natural light (very important because the light in the showroom makes the colours look slightly different), we narrowed it down to these two colours – extremely dark brown or beige.


There was a full set of sofa in the showroom in beige and it made it easier to make a decision. A lot of times, the colour looks ok on a small colour swatch but when spread across a large area (like a sofa or a wall), it looks pretty different.


So yes, in the end, we went with the beige sofa. Delivery is in the week of 20th January, just in time for Chinese New Year. Woohoo!


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