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Moon and the bump

walk 2

I like taking slow evening strolls with Moon at the neighbourhood park. It is her usual evening walk to pee and poop before dinner. When I was newly pregnant, I wasn’t allowed to walk her so she had to wait for the boy to come home from work to walk her or my mum’s helper will do so. I really missed our evening walks then! Now that I’m in my 3rd trimester and exercise is good, I relish our little walks.

What I have noticed is, Moon keeps pace with me really well. Obviously I can’t walk very quickly these days so my pace is rather slow. In the past few weeks, I have noticed that she is always on her best behaviour and walks right beside me. She was never a bad “walker”, i.e. she’s not the sort to dash ahead and tug at the leash. However, she used to get excited when she spots her enemies – cats and birds. Or she’d bark/react to dogs that bark at her when we walk past them.

Not in recent weeks.

A couple of days ago, she not only walked quietly and calmly beside me, she completely ignored birds that we walked past. BIRDS! Her #2 enemies! (cats are #1) THAT was surprising. She glanced at them but kept walking with her eyes fixed straight ahead. 

People tell me that animals instinctively know when there’s a little one on the way but it wasn’t very obvious to me until recent weeks. Lots of articles on it – have a read here, here and here. She seems to be a lot more “manja” (affectionate) with me. She usually lies beside the boy when we are watching TV but these days, she’d come and sit with me. When I head off to take my shower, she’d move and sit with the boy. The moment I am done, she’d come right back and sit beside me again. Every night before she goes to bed, she’d come to my side of the bed, look at me and wag her tail, as if checking to see that I’m tucked into bed. She didn’t used to do that! Even the boy noticed these new “strange” behaviour of hers. Observing her being all protective around me fills my heart with so much joy for this little furry baby of mine.

Her bed used to be at my side of the room but in preparation for baby’s arrival, we moved her bed to the boy’s side. At least she won’t feel that she’s being “pushed aside” when the tiny human is here. I cannot wait to see how she’d react to the new addition but I am pretty sure that with her sweet personality, she’d still be her usual sweet calm self. Fingers crossed now!

Here’s a short video I took of the same walk. Notice how she glanced up at me at one point? So sweet lah.


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