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Another trip to the vet!

Warning: This post contains pictures of blood. Not a lot, a tiny bit. Just in case you’re squirmish!

After our burger jaunt at Turf City, we took Moon swimming at K9 Kulture which was just round the corner. For the record, Moon sat quietly in her bag while we ate our lunch. Good dog!


It wasn’t her first time swimming and although you can’t tell from the photos, she doesn’t really like it.



However, she did pick it up a lot faster this time round. She’s food-motivated so it’s easy to get her to do stuff!




When we were heading to the pool, she suddenly stopped to pee randomly, i.e. not on a grass patch. This isn’t quite her normal behaviour and when we looked closer, we spotted…blood!



I quickly consulted a friend and she said that it is most probably a case of urinary tract infection or UTI for short. She advised that we give her lots of water and cranberry fruit or 100% juice. Thankfully, I have a couple of cranberry extract pills at home that was given to me by a colleague who also owns a dog. We noted that although she was peeing more than usual, not all of them contained blood.

Unfortunately, her usual vet (Pet Clinic) was not open so the earliest that we could take her to the vet is on Friday, 2 days after Christmas. In the meantime, the boy hurried to NTUC Finest to grab all things cranberry, including fresh cranberry. I also sprinkled some of the cranberry extract into her dinner that evening, hoping that it’d ease her discomfort. Then again, Moon looked completely normal. She wasn’t running a fever, nor was she displaying any signs of lethargy. She was still her usual greedy self!


On Friday, while hanging out at Sun Ray Cafe, we noted that Moon peed indiscriminately again (very abnormal!) at the entrance of the cafe and this time round, there was more blood.


URGH. We were really glad that we have an appointment to see the vet at 6.20pm. He was full till then! Sheesh. For the record, Moon was still her usual happy self. It was hard to tell that she was not well.


We headed to the vet’s and thankfully, we did not need to wait long as we were the 2nd appointment for the evening.


I showed Dr Au the photo of the blood and told him about her erratic peeing and he told us the same – that it may be UTI. However, he also suggested that he take an x-ray just in case it’s more serious that a simple bout of UTI. Apparently, miniature schnauzers are very prone to kidney stones and UTI is just one of the symptoms of it.

We left Moon in the room with the nurse for them to take the x-ray and after a quick 20-minute wait, we were ushered into the consultation room. It turns out the Dr Au’s gut feel was right! Bladder stones were detected and when she pees, the rubbing of the stones causes the bleeding, hence the blood. YIKES!

He also asked that we take a pee sample so that he can check the kind of stones that she has. A quick 5-minute test on her pee sample (the boy collected it the moment we stepped out of the clinic because she had to pee again) confirmed that she has a case of struvite crystalluria. Thankfully, this form of stones can be treated with antibiotics. A more serious case would mean surgery. For now, Moon has three different types of pills to take and we’d have to take another pee sample on 17 January (3 weeks) for Dr Au to do another test.

Fingers crossed she’d be ok by then! As a treat for being well-behaved at the vet, she got to be carried in her bag. Ha.



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