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Mini pandan cake…

…made by the boy!


I haven’t baked for a long long time and I have to say that these days, the expert pandan cake baker is the boy. Yes, really. He treats it like a science and would experiment with different measurements of the ingredients (i.e. gula melaka, brown sugar, pandan leaves, etc). I think I baked with him a couple of times after I learnt how to bake it properly and after that, he went into a pandan cake-baking frenzy. At the height of his obsession, we had pandan cake to eat almost every other week!

This mini cake came about because he was baking a normal-sized pandan cake for his office Christmas party and decided to make a mini one for my office party. So sweet lah, this boy of mine. All I did was to make the sign that I stuck on top of it.

And for the record, it’s always fluffy and not too sweet. Just the way I like it!


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