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Off to a dog spa!

Moon has never been to a dog spa. We take her for regular grooming sessions at Woofy’s Corner where her groomer Joyce does a great job. I meant to send Moon to Joyce on Friday afternoon for a basic grooming session but she had her hands full. Decided to do a quick google search and found a place that does spa treatments for dogs at a pretty reasonable price. More importantly, they were available to take both Domo and Moon so off we went to Sopra Ginza Pet Salon located at River Valley.

The shop faces Mohamed Sultan Road so if you’re driving, you’d have to park across the road at UE Square or get someone else to drop off the dogs quickly in front of the store (don’t forget to turn on your hazard lights!). The shopfront has a full glass panel so you can watch the groomers at work.


First impressions: The place looks clean and hygienic with no “dog” smells. There is also ample space for the dogs to roam about with a generous area behind another panel of glass doors for spa treatments and boarding. I must also add that the lady who answered the phone was very polite and helpful without sounding like she was in a rush to get me off the phone. Thumbs up!

Once you walked through the main glass door, you’d be greeted with a safety gate to prevent runaway pooches – very important. When we arrived, there were quite a few dogs running around!  Most of them looked groomed so they were probably waiting for their owners to pick them up. Check out the cute Corgi and Miniature Schnauzer! And yes, that’s Domo checking out the Silky Terrier that was barking its head off at the new arrivals (us).



We spoke to one of the ladies at the shop who asked us a few questions about Domo and Moon’s skin condition, general health, etc. As Domo suffers from sensitive skin, she suggested that he do the Organic Mud Wrap Spa treatment. As for Moon, she suggested that she undergo the Quatro Spa treatment. You can check out the price list here.

Moon got to go first and seeing that it was a new environment, she looked a little unsure. I felt like an anxious mother looking at her worried face from far.

Once she was safely “soaking” in the bubbly solution, the lady gestured for me to enter the shower area so that I can take pictures and look at Moon.


For the record, Moon hates to shower so she must have hated being in that tub of soapy solution. Hur hur. I had a thought: To work at a pet shop, you must have tons of patience and genuinely love animals. Otherwise, how do you deal with dogs who are snappy, whiny, barky, or worst, all of the above?


Contrary to Moon’s happy face, I don’t think she appreciated being in there. Ha! I quietly took my leave after spending a quick 3 minutes in there because when I’m in front of her, she whines quite a bit. The lady quipped that she was quiet until I stepped in! Pfffft. They informed us that both dogs will take about 1.5 hours so we walked to Liang Court for a quick spot of – what else – shopping.

Before long, the call came to say that the dogs are ready. Woohoo! It was raining (again) so mum headed into the shop to get them both while I waited in the car at the front of the shop. One of the ladies who worked on Moon carried her to the car while Mum carried Domo. That was pretty good service! They were both excited beyond bits to see us but calmed down soon after. I took a peek at Moon on the drive home and saw this sight:


Poor girl was exhausted! This is her “OMG, I’ve had such a tiring day!” sleeping pose because usually, she’d have her head ‘hanging’ off the seat while facing front. Spas are supposed to be relaxing, no?

They were both dog tired (pardon the pun) but check out how pretty they both looked! Domo felt like a super duper soft fur rug (I kid you not) and importantly, he did not seem to scratch at his skin/paws as much as he usually does after a grooming session.


Here’s Moon looking all serious, only because she was 100% focussed on the snack that I was holding so that I can snap this picture. Did I mention that she smelt of strawberries and had silky soft fur as well? So delicious! I couldn’t stop smelling her.


The same evening, I noted on the pet salon’s Facebook page that they posted up pictures of Domo and Moon during their spa treatment.

Recently Updated6

Check out Domo’s “WOE IS ME…” expression. Totally cracked me up! Moon looks happy as a lark which is all a lie, really. She just generally looks happy! There was also a picture of Moon fresh after her spa treatment and basic grooming – check out the spiky do.


So fluffaaaay!

Will we return? Maybe! It’s not exactly close to where we live but if the treatments work (especially for Domo), my mum did say that she will consider returning. Anything to help with his sensitive skin, really!

Sopra Ginza Pet Salon
236 River Valley Road
Tel: 6737 5798

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10.00am – 7.00pm;  Sat – Sun and PH 10.00am – 8.00pm

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