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miss ene eats: Asia Grand Restaurant

Mum’s a December baby and we celebrated her birthday by taking her out to dinner at Asia Grand Restaurant. A suitable dinner place for Mum can only mean 2 options – Chinese or Japanese. She’s not a fan of “western” food so we’d usually stick to one of these options. She likes Peking duck and we know that this restaurant serves one of the better Peking ducks.


The other options were Jade Restaurant at Fullerton Hotel and Royal China at Raffles Hotel. The former was full because of an a la carte buffet dinner promotion going on for the month of December while the latter had a wedding dinner going on. So Asia Grand Restaurant it is.

Mum loves flowers (but doesn’t say it because it’s a “waste of money) so we try and get her a bunch of flowers for her birthday each year. This year’s blooms are from The Bloom Room. Spotted their flower bouquets on Facebook and thought that they looked lovely! And true enough, they didn’t disappoint. I ordered via email and response was really prompt and friendly. I gave them a brief description of who the flowers were for as well as some of the flowers I want in it (i.e. peonies, eustomas, etc). I was told that they’d let me know by Friday (delivery was for Saturday) if they have nice peonies or else they’d replace it with something similar. Thankfully, they have gorgeous peonies and this is the resulting bunch:


It’s so pretty huh? Jaclyn (the lady who handled my order) also told me that she added in some carnations as “the bouquet is for your mum”. How thoughtful.

What’s a birthday without cake? As mum lurrrrrves playing Line Pop, I thought that it’d be funny and apt if she has cupcakes made in the likeness of the characters from the game. As usual, I placed the order with Gooby Cakes. The cupcakes came in 2 flavours – Oreo and Red Berry Yogurt, 6 of each.


Mum’s first reaction is: How come don’t have DomoAlamak. She was quite amused that we got her Line Pop cupcakes though. Hur hur.

131214 - Birthday @ Asia Grand

We sang the birthday girl a birthday song, she made a wish and then blew out the candle. I must say that the service was pretty impeccable. They brought us a candle and gave us a fire starter so that we can light the candle. When we asked for a takeaway box (for the sister to bring home some cupcakes), they promptly brought us a large box with a plastic bag. Very good! Oh and remember to call to make a table reservation. They get pretty full on weekends. Also, the restaurant hosts many wedding dinners so best to call beforehand to check.

Most importantly, the food was good and the Peking duck did not disappoint. We also ordered the red bean pancakes as a dessert and it came covered in sesame seeds. Importantly, they were not too sweet. And yes, there are no photos of the food because we were busy chatting and eating.


Happy birthday to our awesome mum!

Asia Grand Restaurant
331 North Bridge Road
#01-02 Odeon Towers

Tel: 6887 0010



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