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The boy’s birthday present

Confession: The only reason I am blogging this is to remind myself of what I got for the boy’s birthday because I have a goldfish memory and I will never remember what I got him each year.

Last year, I got him a Tumi backpack because his old one was falling to pieces. He’s been using it almost everyday for work so yeay! However, I noted that he’d still carry his backpack even when it only contains…an umbrella. A huge backback just to carry an umbrella! I know that he has been on the lookout for a nice messenger/tote bag so for this year, I decided to get him one.

Mum and I were shopping at Paragon when we idly walked into the Coach store. Did not really expect to get anything but I have to say that excellent service coupled with nice goods mean that I usually end up buying something. The sales lady was really patient and helped me to pick out various bags after I told her my requirements. She even got her male colleague to “model” the bag for me – two thumbs up!

Before I knew it, I was handing over my credit card and walked out with a huge paper bag.


I gave it to him after the birthday staycation and after he opened it, it went back into the box. He said that it is currently the rainy season so he doesn’t want to dirty it. I guess we’d just have to wait till the rainy season ends before it sees the light of day again. To think that I was soooooo excited to give it to him. Heh.

This is how the bag looks like – it can be folded downwards when you don’t need such a huge bag. I also like that it has 2 large pockets at the front.


Oh, and the fact that Lee Hom is the face of Coach has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I bought it. Really. Swear and cross my heart.



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