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miss ene discovers paraffin wax!

I must come across as really “suaku” by blogging about this but just the other day, after countless sessions of pedicures, I discovered this lovely thing called paraffin wax!

I was at Millenia Walk and decided that my toes were in serious need of a pedicure. Did a quick search and noted that Sole 2 Sole by Nail Passion had pretty good online reviews. It looked pretty quiet at the reception area but upon entering the premises, there was a row of customers getting their pedicures.


The lady who served me was friendly and welcoming. Halfway through, she asked if I want to try the paraffin wax treatment.


I’ve never heard of it! She went on to explain that my feet would be dipped into a layer of paraffin wax and once it hardened and is removed, the skin on my feet will be silky soft and moisturised. Now, I’ve always suffered from dry skin and since I’ve never heard of it, I decided to give it a try.


Here she is, removing the hardened wax from my right foot. My left foot is wrapped in a feet-shaped bootie so that the wax can harden.

True to her words, my feet looks amazingly moisturised and smooth after the treatment. Makes me wonder again:

How come no one told me about this treatment before?! Am I the only suaku one out there?



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