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Celebrating the boy’s birthday!

For the boy’s birthday this year, I decided to book him a surprise staycation at the Ritz Carlton. His actual birthday falls on a weekday so I booked a one night’s stay the weekend before. I was bursting with excitement trying to keep it quiet so when the day finally arrived, I was just so glad to finally tell him!

I managed to check-in (without him) at about noon but met him for as simple lunch at NamNam Noodles Bar at Suntec City first. It was over lunch that I revealed where we were heading. I think he said: Phwah! Ritz Carlton!


2013 12 03 - Birthday @ Ritz1

2013 12 03 - Birthday @ Ritz-001

We had a room on the 18th floor and were amazed at the size of the room. For a hotel built in 1996, it is very well-kept. Of course, we also checked out the famous bathroom with a view.  I also love that the bed was slightly raised which allowed us to admire the view while lying down.


Yes, we did not have the Marina Bay view because that would have cost extra! Unfortunately, it was overcast and threatening to rain so it didn’t make for nice photos. Still, it was rather thereupeutic to stare at the constantly-moving traffic. Oh and the boy also pointed out our new home in the distance 🙂

2013 12 03 - Birthday @ Ritz2

We spent the afternoon shopping at Marina Square and Suntec and when we returned, we saw a slice of birthday cake and various nonya kuehs on the coffee table. The nonya kuehs were part of the staycation (along with Gardens by the Bay tickets!) so I wasn’t surprised. I have to add that the chocolate cake was pretty darn yummy! Dark chocolate – my favourite. And that’s the birthday boy on the right looking pleased with his birthday cake.

After our short celebration, the boy decided to take a quick nap on the lovely bed while I headed over to Salon Runway at Millenia Walk for a quick wash and blow dry in preparation for a nice birthday dinner. I had made reservations for dinner at CUT at Marina Bay Sands because the boy is a fan of steak (which guy isn’t?). Last year, I took him to Skirt at W Hotel but conveniently forgot to blog about it. Hehe.

It was raining cats and dogs when we were about to leave for CUT so decided to take a cab there. Yes, it was literally across the road but we were dressed to the nines (very rare!) and did not fancy taking the MRT or walking there. It was a Saturday evening at about 7pm (reservation was at 7.30pm) and it was by far, one of the shortest but most expensive cab rides I have ever taken. It costs $10! Pffft. Oh, we chose not to drive because parking at MBS is a b****.

So anyway, we arrived at CUT and was promptly shown to our seats. I must add that service was impeccable! The entire restaurant was dimly-lit though so it took my eyes a good 5 minutes to adjust. Due to the low lights, we couldn’t take many photos of the food so you’d just have to take my word for it. I also did not want to use the flash (unlike this other female diner armed with a huge-a$$ SLR whose flash went off every 30 seconds – very annoying!).


He had the sirloin steak while I had the Iberico pork chops. The pictures don’t do it justice but they were HUGE! I must have only eaten about one-third of my pork chops. We had to sheepishly ask for it to be packed and you’d be glad to know that the rest of it went into a breakfast sandwich for the both of us for the next 2 days. Told you it’s huge!

We also ordered sides of mushrooms and tempura onion rings to share. I’m not sure how they made the mushrooms but they were delish! I have to also add that the pork chop was one of the best that I have ever eaten in my entire life (and I’m a huge pork chop fan). It was accompanied by a beautiful apple sauce that went down perfectly with the pork.

The boy thoroughly enjoyed his steak as well and declared it as good as the ones he had in Florence, Italy. Needless to say, we were both really stuffed at the end of the meal so we decided to skip dessert.

The restaurant surprised him with a slice of cake though and here he is about to make a wish. Me? I’m holding onto their menu with Bon Jovi’s mug printed on the back. I like Bon Jovi!

2013 12 03 - Birthday @ Ritz3

The very attentive server named Mary also helped us to snap this lovely picture. She took her photo-taking job very seriously and insisted on taking a good photo “for wonderful memory”. At the end of the meal, she also thanked us for choosing to celebrate at CUT. Awww. Good service staff is hard to come by!


We rolled out of CUT because we were so darn full and thankfully, the rain has stopped by then. We decided to take a slow walk back to the hotel via the Helix Bridge. It was a lovely cool night after the heavy downpour and the walk was perfect to cap off a lovely day.



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