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Gone in 10 minutes

I ordered a couple of items from Doggyfriend and this toy came included in the bag. What a nice surprise! Not sure if it was a mistake or it was a free gift with purchase but never mind that. The doggies were very excited at the sight of a new toy.


“Throw it! Throw it!”

There must be something about the taste and smell of a new toy. At one stage, both had their teeth sunk into it. Moon laid belly flat on the ground while Domo was using all his might to tug it away from her. Very cute to watch as Moon slid across the room slowly like a piece of fur rug. LOL!

Unfortunately, after mere 10 minutes of intense tussling, pulling and chewing, this happened.


Pfffft. I guess we can always close back the gaping hole with reinforces stitches and the doggies can have their dog back again. Check out Domo’s disappointed face in the background.

Too funny.


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