Do Not Call (DNC) Registry IS HERE!

It is finally here!! SALVATION IS HERE!!!!


Ok, maybe not salvation but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel to stop those damn spam calls/SMSes! The Do Not Call Registry starts accepting registration today (2 December 2013) so this means that you can register your contact number into the registry NOW to stop telemarketing messages via phone, SMS or fax. I  have been waiting FOREVER for this to start because the amount of spam calls/sms I get via my mobile phone and office number is bordering on INSANE!


Real estate agents proclaiming the latest condo launches, tuition teachers offering their “high standard” of teaching, loan companies asking me if I need extra money, banks telling me that they have a “awesome” deal for my savings, the list goes on. And these are the SMS. Don’t get me started on the random phone calls. Banks offering some sort of credit card, savings deal, insurance plans, blah blah blah. The situation is so bad that I’ve resorted to not answering any calls with an unfamiliar number. Makes me wonder if I’m posting my HP number on some public page that warrants this much spam!

Rant aside, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the DNC registry will really stop or at least minimise such calls/SMS. I have a certain threshold for such calls/SMS but the situation is bordering on ludicrous.

Once again, this is the link to register. I used the “Register Online” option as it was the easiest. Do note:

  1. You have to register one number at one time. This means that I did it twice – once for my HP number, once for my office number (yes, I get calls from the bank asking me to sign up for their credit cards at work too!!).
  2. The DNC registry will only take effect on 2 January 2014 but you can start registering your number on 2 December 2013. DO IT NOW!
  3. The website is “Best supported by IE 9 and above, Firefox and Chrome” so if you’re using an old browser, you may have to either upgrade or use another browser. No mention of whether it works on Safari for Apple users though.

Fingers crossed that this will take away the bulk of spam calls/SMS come 2 January 2014!


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