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The royal sleeping furriness

Moon sleeps in some of the strangest positions. Like this:


And this:


She will head to her bed when it’s time for bed and sleep in a normal position.

Like this:


However, in the middle of the night, she will end up in this position:


In the mornings, I have almost tripped over her a couple of times because she was lying right across my path. I  have since learnt to walk very slowly to ensure that (1) she doesn’t get squashed beneath my feet. (2) I don’t end up flying across the room and landing on my face because I’ve tripped over her.

If you have a dog, how does your dog sleep?


One thought on “The royal sleeping furriness

  1. I guess they do find the bed a bit too warm after a while. My dog can be found sleeping in her bed, half on bed and floor or just belly up on the floor. They’re light sleepers so they do get up every now n then

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