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Mum’s cooking: Dry noodles


This dish doesn’t photograph very well but you have to take my word for it that it is SUPER DUPER YUMMY! My mum bought noodles from the wet market stall (she called it “chea mee”/”green” noodles) but it doesn’t look green nor raw to me. Its texture was similar to ban mian. Most importantly, it doesn’t have the ghee taste (which I hate).

It is an easy dish to prepare but it is made yummy by the sauce that accommpanies it. You can’t really see it but the sauce is made up of mum’s homemade chilli (which includes “bian yu”/flat fish), vinegar, sesame oil, fried shallots. Mix it all up and you get a dish similar to instant noodles but a much healthier version.

In fact, I loved it so much, I asked for the same dish for lunch the very next day!


3 thoughts on “Mum’s cooking: Dry noodles

  1. Hehe… I think chea, in this case, means fresh. These noodles are made and sold fresh, not dried or kept in the fridge for weeks. Looks yummy…

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