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The birthday surprise – Part 2

Because I wrote about Part 1 here, I thought I had better get down to writing about Part 2 before I conveniently forget about it.

So my actual birthday fell on a Sunday this year. To be exact, it fell on the Formula weekend. In fact, since F1 came to Singapore, the entire world descends upon Singapore and helps me celebrate it. In recent years, my birthday is always falling over the F1 weekend! As it turns out, the boy was telling me that it was near impossible to make a dinner reservation for Sunday because many places that he picked were either fully booked or closed.

I had no idea where we were going but knew that it was not going to be in the city where there were road closures and throngs of people. As we drove further south, I thought that we were headed to Sentosa.

Turned out that our dinner venue was at the…..

2013 09 22 Birthday Part 2

Ah, I haven’t been there for a long while. It was closed for a while before reopening as an Italian restaurant called Alkaff Mansion Ristorante.

It was a lovely breezy evening when we were there so we opted to sit outdoors. Best of all, it wasn’t crowded. Except for us, there were 3 other tables of diners. Look at the gorgeous sky!


To be honest, we had a lovely time just chatting under the stars and enjoying the breeze so we only took 2 photos of the food. Ha.



Erm yes, the starter and the appetiser. Everything in between, we ate it all.

After dinner, we took a walk at the sprawling grounds and this was when things got interesting. Ok, don’t worry – nothing R-rated happened!

When we got to a quiet corner, the silly boy suddenly got down on one knee (!), took out a gorgeous ring (!!) and said: Will you marry me?

I was so. stunned!

“Huh? But we’ve been married for…4 years already!”

“Yeah, but you always say that I didn’t kneel down when I asked you to marry me so I’m now making up for it lor”


I (pretended) to think for a while before saying: Hmmmm, ok! I’d marry you!

He then got up and placed the ring on my ring finger. It was a gorgeous solitaire ring. Background: Many months back, I saw a pretty ring on Instagram. Took a screen shot and sent it to him via Whatsapp and said: I want this please. Thanks!

I was half joking, really. I’ve never been a huge fan of diamonds and the such but it was a really pretty ring.

Turns out the boy took it seriously and went out and got one! It wasn’t the exact design because apparently, the one I sent didn’t look too nice (he saw something similar) so he decided to get another one that he thought would look good when worn together with my wedding ring.

I was touched. Very touched...


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