A heartbreaking tale.

I spotted this link on my Facebook timeline and had a read. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy read but nothing braced me for what it was about. The entry is by HOPE Dog Rescue, a “group of animal lovers who strongly feel that all animals should be treated with love and respect. We help animals who are abused, neglected and abandoned.” They are volunteer animal rescuers. You can check out their Facebook page here.


The latest entry is about a dog whom they named Harry (above). In a nutshell, he was dead soon after he was found. He was found near breeding farms. It would be hard not to make an assumption that Harry came from one of them. Perhaps he was one of the many breeding dogs that was churning out puppies for the organisation. How he came about to be wandering on his own is anyone’s guess. I can’t quite tell from his terrible state but he looks like a poodle? And we all know how sought after poodles are currently.

I read the entry and flinched at the pictures. The huge gaping wounds. The lifeless body of a dog. How any human being can inflict such torture and pain on a voiceless animal is beyond me. It makes me angry. It makes me emotional.

And above all, I feel helpless. I feel helpless because there are tons of unwanted dogs out there. Strays, dogs that are given up. Dogs that spend their entire lives caged up as breeding dogs, literally popping out puppies after puppies, just so that the humans can sell them for a profit. SPCA is always filled to the brim. The various animal shelters run by volunteers are constantly running out of space to house the strays and dogs being given up because of a whole range of reasons (moving to smaller house, migrating, having baby on the way being popular reasons).

And yet, people looking for a pet heads straight to the pet shops to buy one. They plonk down thousands of dollars for a brand new, cute little puppy in the window. They want a puppy so that they can “bond easier” (that’s one reason someone told me previously for buying a puppy). And I don’t blame them. I love puppies too. Who doesn’t? They’re adorable and ridiculously cute.


Did you know that it takes way much more effort to train a puppy than an adult dog? This is possibly one reason why new dog owners give up their young dogs. I heard a personal story of a lady who bought a toy poodle from the pet shop and after 3 months, decided to give him up. Reason? “He pooped and peed a lot and everywhere!!”.

Erm, yes. Puppies, like babies, need a lot of time to learn. Did it not occur to you before you paid for that cute toy poodle you bimbotic bitch?


Why are “secondhand” dogs not good enough? Many of these dogs know that they were given up and are looking for a second chance in life. A chance at a forever home. A place where they can live out their remaining lives surrounded by love and warmth?

I knew that when we were ready for a dog (ok, I was ready – not sure about the boy then. Hur hur), I was not going to the pet store. I somehow knew that one day, the right dog will come along and our paths will cross. And that is how we ended up with Moon. And contrary to popular belief, there are many pedigree dogs out there who are dying (some literally) for a permanent home! Many of them have been given up for a myriad of reasons. Some are given up when they’re at the tailend of their lives (over 10 years old). Some have barely reached the age of 1. And we are talking pedigree dogs. It breaks my heart that the Singapore Specials (our local dogs) have even less chance of being adopted, especially with the HDB ruling that does not allow medium-sized dogs.

Ok, so maybe you still want to buy a puppy despite it all. I am not here to judge but please, before you get that puppy, do a bit of research on how you should take care of a new dog. Dogs come with a lot of responsibility. Much more so if they’re puppies. A lot of time, patience and love is required to care for them when they’re of such a young age. One does not buy a puppy and assume it knows where to poop and pee! Also, do some background checks (if possible) about where your puppy came from. This is not for vanity’s sake. This is to find out genetic issues that may be carried by that cute puppy you just paid a lot of money for. Many (not all) come from irresponsible breeders (locally and overseas) and these puppies could be the result of in-breeding (siblings making babies). This leads to all sorts of genetic and health issues that the pet shop is not going to tell you about. And who will end up paying a lot of money at the vet when said puppy falls ill?


Either that, or puppy/dog ends up being given up because “it is too sick”. Or worst, put down. And the vicious cycle continues on and on and on….

I am not sure where I am going with this blog entry, really. I guess I just needed an outlet to spill how I felt after reading that entry by HOPE Dog Rescue. I shared the link on my Facebook page but I know that my reach is very limited. I am almost positive that some “friends” on my FB list has already hidden me from their news feeds because of my dog-related postings. I’m not offended, truly. Because I do the same to friends who are new mothers where they (over) share everything from breast milk to their offspring’s poop.

I guess I am also hoping that more people will become aware that you can get a lifelong pet through adoption. As the cover photo of HOPE Dog Rescue states aptly: Secondclass Dogs Make First Class Pets.

Maybe, this entry can make one person change his/her mind about buying a pet and adopt instead. That would be lovely.

So now, the resources. Check out these places to adopt. Loads to choose from! And if none are available, wait for a bit. Go “LIKE” the Facebook pages of these adoption places and one day, your lifelong pet will pop up on your newsfeed. Really.


One thought on “A heartbreaking tale.

  1. Like u,I’ve also hidden some of my peers’ news feed cuz of their overwhelming posts of their child.

    Btw, I do an interview with home visits on the owners whom I sold Molly’s puppies to. Some ask me y I breed for I’m contributing to the unwanted animals in sg. Well, I do enjoy the whole pregnancy process & the birth of the pups, watching them grow… so u can say I’m a hobby breeder. N since I do check on the owners, I’m assured that I’ve left the little ones in good hands. I don’t give the puppies for free cuz of Singaporeans mentality – that free cheap stuff r worthless. All the proceeds from the puppies actually go into Molly’s medical funds with 10% of it donated to an organisation. So far, Molly’s 1st batch of babies are in good hands & they’re now more than a year old!

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