me myself and i

miss ene is anti-carrot.

I decided to blog about this so that I will remember what to take the next time I have another episode with the carrots. Yes, carrots.

Apparently, I am deathly allergic to carrots. Raw carrots, that is. And to be more specific, I am only allergic to them when they are raw and when it comes into contact with my skin. I remember a couple of years ago when I was chopping up some carrots for dinner. Later that evening, the skin on my fingers and palm became angrily red and itchy.

For the life of me, I couldn’t fathom what in the world was going on. When I finally got to the doctor’s, my fingers resembled baby carrots (and not in a good way). It looked horrible and the itch was out of this world (in a bad way). It took me a few episodes before I came to the conclusion that I react very very badly to raw carrots. I now take precautions when handling raw carrots, i.e. by wearing rubber gloves when cutting them.

Until last Sunday.

I decided to prepare chicken stew and one of the ingredients is – yep – carrots. I completely forgot about this strange carrot allergy and conveniently used my fingers to tip the carrots into the pot. Mind you, I did not even cut the carrots! All I did was to use my left fingers to gently tip the carrots in. The contact must have been less than 3 seconds?!

On Sunday evening, I noticed that my third and fourth finger on my left hand was slightly itchy. I thought that I got bitten by mosquitoes and didn’t think much of it. Then the itching got worst. And it spread to the back of my right hand. More fingers on my left hand became itchy as well.

In fact, I was jolted awake on Sunday night because of an insatiable itch in my fingers. It can’t be a mosquito bite, I thought to myself. I laid in bed (at 3.30 am) and ran through the day’s activities. What in the world was happening?

Then it hit me.

The stew. The raw carrots. I TOUCHED ‘EM RAW CARROTS!!!!!


I had some rash cream lying around the house so quickly got up and applied them. Thankfully, it took the itch away and I was able to get some much-needed sleep.

Unfortunately, the moment I awoke, the itch was back with a vengence. It was getting more itchy and was spreading all over my palms, and to my right hand as well.

To cut a long story short, I decided to head to the doctor’s this morning. Just waiting for my turn was hell and I must have scratched my left hand raw.


The GP took one look at my left hand and exclaimed: Oh DEAR! That’s really quite bad! He prescribed with me a cream, an antihistamine (Loratadine) and Piriton (the wonder drug for runny nose, and itchy skin?).


I usually have these meds somewhere in the house but I never remember that they are for allergies as well, hence this blog entry and this photo. TO REMIND MYSELF TO TAKE THEM IF I GET ANOTHER BOUT OF RAW CARROT ALLERGY! Oh, I forgot to mention that I have no problems with eating carrots, or cooked carrots. Very very odd.

Am I the only one in the world who is allergic to raw carrots?

Update: These are now my hands on 9 October, 3 days after the rash attack. The skin on my left palm is still red, angry and puffy. You can’t tell from the picture but there are tiny “bubbles” under the surface of the skin. Entire left palm feels tight and dry. Sigh. I want my normal hands back 😦



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